Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Girls night out"

Last Saturday, the girls, got together and went out to the Museum of Natural History, a show at Harrah's called the Mac King show that they all loved and then to a Birthday party that night. I was under the weather and got caught up with a few things and then to the NASCAR races..

Poor Taylor and her friends were just plain worn out...

Fun was had by all.. It was a nice break!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Yard sign

I thought this would be much more effective than my ADT security sign.. Guess we will see.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Saturday, my Brother-in-law headed over to the Gun Show at Cashman field for several hours, it was much more organized than some of the other ones. We managed to load up another luggage carrier full of ammo in less than 15 minutes instead of the usual 3 hour wait. I picked up an nice new holster and like it a lot. We watched the BYU v. Oklahoma football team play Saturday night. Apparently the Sooner team we heard about all week never showed up.. Congrats, to my alumni... Go Cougars!
Saturday night I finished up "Culture of Corruption" the new Michelle Malkin Book, I didn't sleep well Saturday night... This country is in big trouble.
Sunday morning I got up early and headed out to the BLM land with my Bro-in-Law for some practice. five hours later we finished up and headed out. We took out everything we had, a proverbial truck load. After 4 hours and 300 rounds later, Steven lost his $145.00 Laser for his pistol and we searched for two hours looking for it. I missed church but caught up on well needed rest.
Coming home I was pleased to see that I-15 has opened up two more lanes in both directions. I began watching the conversion and upgrade in 1988 while on leave from the Marine Corps. It's obviously a Govt project as it still has another 10 years to go.

Saturday night, I suggested to the wife we go to Appleby's for dinner. We had the BBQ ribs and headed back home for the evening... Everyone was pooped. We watched (again) the Music Man DVD. Taylor is taking piano lessons now and is doing well. They finished planting the flowers in the front yard today.
Friday night we went to Mom's to give her the new School shirts we bought during her open house. I joined the PTA this years instead of just going and helping I thought I might have some input this year. Taylor has a great teacher and principal.
Labor Day was different this year. Sandi opened and worked at the restaurant all day, but got off early due to back pains... probably due to going out twice this past week and hitting golf balls.
We have decided to go and get back into the game now that fall is upon us. It's been way too hot and I'm getting too old for the heat, although age is good for the golf game, I think!
Sunday night were cooking burgers on the grill.... R&R then back at it again tomorrow!