Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Father's Day"

                             We had a quiet Father's day.  All the father's got to sing a song with the children in the Ward during church.  Dad hauled in some goodies.   Taylor and Al seemed closer than ever this year.  Al told Taylor that the two best Father's day he remembered was the day she was born and this years.  Al played Taylor a special Daddy-Daughter song by his favorite country singer.  We had Uncle Brad over for dinner.  Grandma is still too sick to travel yet.  We had a nice BBQ and swim.  All in all it was a fabulous Sunday Father's day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taylor's Nose job

Taylor and Puppy were having a hard time keeping they're glasses on there noses so we took them in for plastic surgery. Now I'm not the only one reading the Wall Street Journal everyday!

Titanic Exhibit

The girls were able to spend several hours at the Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas strip. It was educational and exciting. I had other commitments and couldn't make it.
They had a blast!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Picture of the Year

And the hit's just keep on coming! What were people thinking? Or were they?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tayor's graduation from 4th Grade

Taylor received the Second highest award given at her school, the Golden Paw. She graduated with A-B Honor roll, G.A.T.E., and Student council awards. We are so very proud of her. Sandi was able to attend the ceremony. I had other commitments but would have loved to be there. She is truly a wonderful little girl. We put all of her awards up on the walls in her room. We might need to get her a bigger room. Love to brag sometimes!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Taylor, Sandi and Rip Tide von Blitz figuring out a way to stay warm at Paragonah reservoir.
IHOP Cedar City, Utah

Marshmallow Time!

Navajo Lake (Still a ton of Snow and probably too cold for the fish to bite!)

Taylor keep showing us how her dead minnow did tricks like rollover, and jump etc!

We were able to go up to the Utah property with Uncle Richard and Andy this Memorial Day weekend. We went to Navajo lake, Panquitch lake and Paragonah reservoir. Sandi was the only one who caught anything. She threw it back in. Guess we needed worms and brought everything but worms. We were able to cram in a ton of fun in just a few days. I was tired most of the time and party pooped out around the marshmallow fire late at night but it's been a busy past few months. We went to Mammoth lake, Cedar breaks, and saw some of the most beautiful real estate you can imagine. A lot of driving this time. One lake had too much wind, one lake had to much snow and one lake had too many bugs. None were just right. We hit our usual eating places and even picked up Dairy Queen in Cedar City. I got to grill some hamburgers for everyone including Richards dog, "Rip Tide Von Blitz" . Richard and his wife Lori raise the big size poodles and sale them for hunting dogs. Blitz was fun and always out of control. At one point, Blitz (who didn't really know me that well) and I got into a stand off, until he saw my Gun that is, then Richard had to tell him I was really the "Sundance Kid" and he backed down. It was a great weekend. On my way home I got a bit sentimental and asked Sandi to take a video of my favorite mountainside between Cedar and St. George. Every time I pass it, it reminds me of wonderful memories with many loved one's past and present. Lot's of fun, ceremonies and getting to put up my Flags, (U.S. and Marine Corps) was nice and was good to be able to be apart of all the Memorial Day remembrances. We over ate as usual. Sandi and I had fun fishing while Taylor just amused us with the (deceased Minnow) she found. It was a great fun trip.

Taylor's Birthday party!

Hawaiian Theme for Tay's Birthday party!

Uncle Brad who usually does his "Chef Brad" duties, took over life guarding today!

The wind made things a bit hard to grill but all worked out well!

One two three,
Lauren and Rex relaxing!

Cake time!
Opening presents!

We had a huge turnout for Taylor's 10th Birthday party. The day was warm and windy but everyone had a blast. Ton's of food left over, everyone left tired and fulfilled. Taylor was given many exciting gifts. She was able to spend hours and hours with all her friends. Thank you all for making this a special day. Thank you for waiting a few weeks so that I could be a part of it!
Thanks Uncle Brad for your lifeguard duties while I handled the BBQing. Sorry I got a little tired. It's been a long four months. Must have got a bug I haven't gotten rid of yet! Lori, thank you for showing up on such short notice. Taylor l0ved the gifts from you and everyone!
We had a great time!

All fixed brand new!