Friday, May 29, 2009

"Scary Reid" visits Nevada with the Loser!

Las Vegas reeked a nasty smell when Harry "Scary" Reid and the "Ghetto" president spent a ton of tax payers money to help Reid continue his "Vegas Headliner" show impersonating a U.S. Senator!

Taylor's Birthday!!!

Taylor had a Birthday week. A party a school, one at Carrie's, and a bowling party! TBA

"Survivor" ZION

(A quite peaceful fire)
(Taylor L, tries to convince us all that she has discovered a rare "Dinosaur Dung"... I wasn't buying it...)

(Taylor L, heads down to the recently completed "Barn" that kept us warm and dry after the second nights downpour)
(These were some of my fish I cleaned and ate the second night)
(Stephen shows off his knife defenses, and how to clean fish!)
(OOP's, it appeared that Sandy "Cheeks" got in the line of fire chasing after Squidward and Spongebob Squarepants.)
My brother in law Stephen, shows his marksmanship skills with both his rifles and pistols during the shooting seminar...)
(Even as the RSO, range safety officer, I was able to show off my rifle and pistol skills with the SKS and scope, and my Glock 40.)
(Chris, fires at cans and bottles on BLM land with the use of the telescope in a sitting position..)
(My brother in law and 20 year AirForce Veteran explains the use of firing a weapon to "Steve" who had never shot a gun before this survival trip..)
(Breaking Camp, Monday morning)
(Navajo Lake, preparing for an evening of fishing)

All wasn't well in Paradise this Memorial Day weekend, but all in all we were able to execute a near flawless "Family Preparedness" extravaganza. Friday night we were late in arriving to the property as we had our daughter's Las Vegas 51's Baseball night at Cashman field for her Elementary school. We got to the property around 12:30 A.M. but the ToyHauler was fired up and ready for us to head right to sleep.
Saturday morning what seemed to be a ton of eggs and bacon were cooked as everyone prepared for a day long course in cooking, fishing, camping, fire building, shelter building, in climate weather techniques, meal preparation, awareness, safety issues and all around fun.

I was the first one to catch a fish Saturday morning, at Navajo Lake, and spent the majority of the rest of the time, showing how to cast, bait, reel and secure caught fish on the line. A lot of us were surprised how many of the younger crowd had never been fishing and had minimal camping experience. Never the less, it was fun and exciting seeing everyone catching decent trout one after another. Everyone seemed to do well and be enjoying learning the new skills and techniques being taught. Away from camp, the menu called for MRE's, (meals ready to eat) the military answer to Ruth's Crist Steakhouse. This part was exciting for me as I had heard of a new "heater" that was developed specifically for the MRE, but had not existed during my years in the Marine Corps. We ate the C-rats, then when the MRE came into being we ate them cold.

No one seemed to complain and everyone who wanted to try and or eat them did so. Against my wishes, Sandi had purchased a ton of Steaks and Hamburgers, Pancake mixes etc. just in case the fishing and MRE deal didn't pan out with all the families. Saturday night, we were surprised by a sudden down pour at the campsite. We were nearly unprepared but quickly improvised by tieing tarps with rope all around the cooking areas. This all started as twenty or so steaks were just put on the grill to cook. The food ended up tasting delicious or we were all just tired and hungry but all went well, nothing was left...
It became apparent that all the tents and camping supplies had become soaked in the three hour downpour so it was decided to move everyone into the recently completed barn (garage). With the tractor parked right in the middle, everyone laid out their sleeping bags and gear all over the floors. Sandi and I gave up our extra sleeping bags and blankets and air mattresses as we had beds available in the ToyHauler where things were dry... We were actually able to get everyone (except me) several "Smores" before retiring.
It was somewhat uncomfortable for me escorting campers to the out door port-a-potty located in the middle of the campsite once at 3:30 in the morning. Although not cold, I had a lantern and my weapon at the ready each time... I didn't get much sleep being in charge of the security.
Sunday Morning my Brother in Law took over and after breakfast, demonstrated techniques in knife tactics, fishing skills, fire building techniques, and food preparation.
Church services were announce for Kanarraville and New Harmony, to allow family's to attend before the men and sons went to the BLM land for the Pistol and Rife shooting.
The women hung out and some went into Cedar and sneaked into the KOA for a quick shower and off to the movies.
Sunday night we caravaned back to Navajo lake for another successful evening of fishing. (We wrapped them in foil and baked them in the coals, yummy with butter). Another round of Smore's, Thank you Sandi for stopping in Cedar and grabbing more than enough dry wood and other supplies, and of course the Smores... (I never did get any the whole trip)... It was up late around the huge fireplace pits and stories galore. Beautiful sky's full of stars... me sitting there loaded to the teeth wondering if we had any critter visitors lurking around...
Since the ground was still wet, we sent everyone back to the barn for a dry nights sleep.
Monday morning we must have cooked what seemed like a thousand pancakes and drank those little orange juices...
We discussed a few more survival tactics and then broke camp for another year... Everyone pitched in... I was busy most of the time but was able to click off a picture or two and a video or two..
Were not sure about repeating the huge undertaking next year... A lot of work, not a lot of rest but total satisfaction knowing people were more prepared for the worst... Thanks to all the participants who honored our privacy policy and for those that allowed pictures for my blog.
"A special Thanks to Richard and Lori for all their love and generosity in making this happen."
God Bless you!
I was able to actually spend time with Taylor L and teach her how to cast out...

Stephen shows of his expert rifleman skills, and did as well at the pistol range.

Steve goes over Range Safety issues with the new shooters!

Queers get "Trumped" in California

The Gay community got a double whammy this month when "The Donald" did the right moral, ethical and decent choice by allowing Carrie Prejean to keep her Crown for Ms. California...
Kudos as well for the California Supreme court following the "Rule of Law" concerning Voters rights and wishes.
The fight is on America, decency is being attacked by the Liberal Perverts, the Homosapian deviants, the mentally unstable, socially retarded, human defecation that exists in society attempting to push their sick, degenerate lifestyles on "normal" human beings...
God Willing, and a 2010 wake up call we will get this country back in the saddle.
So Perez Hilton, and the rest of you human scum, please return back to the thirty or so feet under Whale Defecation to your level of existence (or the City of San Francisco) where the Richter Scale is waning and let morality and decency thrive in the real world...
God Bless us all!

How's that Gold Tasting?

For those of you who are stockpiling on buying Gold, one would have to assume that things will get bad enough that this medium will be the instrument of trade for food. If so, again one would have to ask, if things are so bad that currency is no longer viable, that Gold is the bartering tool, than one would have to deduct the following; If you have a Gold piece worth say $500.00, your family is starving with no food and little water, you come to my place begging to trade some gold for a sack of flour. How much do you think that $500.00 Gold piece is worth that you are holding???
Assuming that I'm going to even trade you, it is worth one of two values... It's worth a bag of flower, or it's worth whatever I want it to be worth...
I would Implore you to stock up on your food supplies... Keep plenty of "Cash" on hand... Stock your water, food storage, basic essentials... Learn to fish, farm and fire a weapon...
God Bless you...

Good to be home.

To the Albert Lane Family

62nd /Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron, Kandahar AF, Afghanistan- This is to certify that this Flag was flown over the skies of Afghanistan, carried by a Prdator MQ-1B, aircraft A3135, "Debi 'O", in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Lichen "SCUBA" Pursley, Major, USAF, Commander
Very special thanks to TSgt, Stephen Horst. My Brother forever!
Your the best dude! God Bless you!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"How do you live?"

I find it interesting observing people. When I was younger, it was not uncommon to sit down at the mall in between college classes and just sit and watch people. Many years ago I was taken in the back room of a grocery store to look for a specific Item, I noticed up on the wall a sign, it simply said, "There are Three Kinds of People in the World", those who Make Things Happen, Those Who Watch Things Happen and Those Who Wonder What Happened". I have never forgotten that sign and have applied it to my life in all that I Do! I always try and Make Things Happen.

By watching others, having served in the finest fighting force every assembled on the face of the earth, and by nature have all the characteristics of a SheepDog, I have come to notice people live their lives like unto a traffic light. My lovely wife, bless her heart, lives in a perpetual "Green light" mode. She will leave for the day often before daylight and go outside to her SUV as if she was back in the 60's. She drives somewhat the same way. Like most people out there, she is the only one on the road. When walking to and from her vehicle to where ever to where ever, she seldom watches the activities around her. She is always the first to answer the front door when the doorbell rings and our highly trained Shetland Sheepdog attack dog clears the air with his yips of warning to greet whomever is there. Most people live this way. On the other hand, a few of my Police and Firefighter friends, and former Veteran buddies tend to live there lives in the "Red". To them, the "Wolf" is always knocking at the door... To them, when the Termite is delivering the Pizza's that were never ordered, rather than question him, or call the exterminator, they find it easier to simply empty there service revolver into the varmit and be done with it. But, who could blame them??? They life day to day on the edge, every event is a drama to them, they deal with it everyday. Where as the "Green" guy pulls up to get gas at 10:00 P.M. and hasn't a clue who is around him, "Red" carefully sets up a defensive line and strategic plan of attack should an unsuspecting pedestrian walk by the station all in the sake of $15.00 in gas.

I myself prefer to live life in the "Yellow". I'm constantly orientating myself to the surroundings, I'm the one while getting gas has a pretty good handle on whats happening within the surrounding area of a few hundred yards. It's not uncommon to see me sitting on the back row in church on Sundays in an effort to have the advantage on some wackjob coming in and deciding that a few people get to meet God in person that day. My family is politely patient when I refuse to allow them into the house after a night out before I go in first and "clear" the premises. I often find comfort by being greeted by my vicious "Sheltie" yipping away in excitement at our return assuring me that the coast is clear. He surely would let me know if anyone was there, just try playing hid and seek in our home with him there, He will rat you out in seconds no matter where your hiding. If I don't hear him upon entry, no one goes in but me.

At that point only God can protect those that are where they should not be. I'm always aware of my surroundings, whats going on and am always watching and sniffing out prospective trouble should it arise. It's a Catch 22 for my family, they love my lifestyle, but wonder if sometimes I get to cautious.

So for those of you who like to sit in a dark parking lot at Wal-mart and ponder over your receipts after your purchase, perhaps a few minutes in the store would work better for you. When getting gas, pull up and look around, how often do pan handlers confront you??? And when you must go out late at night to put out the garbage you forgot gets picked up the next morning, wait until the group of teenagers, out well past curfew walk by in hopes of not being detected passes by, live a little in the "Yellow" and walk out to bid them a howdy do! Preferably with your 413 secured neatly by your side.

Times are different... Be aware... Be Alert... We need more Lerts out there.

God Bless you...

"Family Preparedness" Survival Road Trip

When I get back at the end of the month were having a "Family Preparedness" road trip to the Utah property. Three days and three nights of pure survival training and tactics. Learn how to survive in mountain and desert terrain, bivouac, eat ONLY authorized survival foods, i.e., MRE's packaged water. Learn how to start campfires, purify water, how to prepare for at least 72 hours of emergency living should we be hit with a natural disaster, social unrest, etc., and need to take our family's into the unknown and and take care of them. Two days will be dedicated to fishing techniques, (for downed pilots), living off the land foods, shooting techniques, BYOB, if you can find any, and for those who are interested we will e-mail a list of what would be in your best interests in any situation.
No wimps please! Survival instruction by four former veteran's, one Navy, one Air Force (20 years) one Army and one Marine Corps. All brothers and brother's in law. A weekend of fun filled, but by no stretch easy survival tactics. Learn how to travel on rugged land at night using the stars, learn how to push yourself beyond your own expectations. Navy SEAL training?? Marine Corps Force Recon training? Not hardly. But you will be fulfilled and accomplished letting family know that in any emergency you can care for your family. So this Memorial weekend come out and have fun. Tough it out for three days. If you have a set, enlarge them, if you need a set we will help you grow some. If your wife is constantly telling you, you need to "Man UP" this is your chance. Own a weapon or are a first time owner, let's do it! No shaving allowed for three days. No showers for three days. Learn to push yourself in a crisis... More info to come when I get back from Hell!
See you soon!

Friday, May 1, 2009

When Pigs fly!

It was once said that a black man would become President when pigs fly. Indeed, 100 days into NoBama's presidency... Swine flu