Wednesday, January 28, 2009

nObama & EL Rushbo

I never really realized what it meant when people referred to Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, et al., as radio entertainment until lately when I have skipped through a few minutes of each this past week. Before November 4Th, I deemed it serious knowledge for all concerned Americans and citizens to take heed of.
Valuable information about what was happening to this country, warnings of future financial scams and recessions perhaps even a depression. This all of course backed up with numbers and facts. Apparently either 98% of this nations is Brain Dead, Deaf or just plain uninterested. I'm humored now when I listen to each "Conservative" radio host babble about what is happening to this country daily with Mr. "The Fraud" nObama being the center of attention "Clown" in the Governments three ring circus. Isn't this a bit redundant from the past two years? This surely can't be an "I told you so"...
I supposed they have to babble on about something in order to keep their jobs, right? Yes I'm very sure I saw the horse headed over the hill awhile back... Why your attempting to close the corral gate now is beyond me! Or did I just miss something????
We spent family home evening putting together our essentials back packs. 72 hours worth of emergency supplies. They will come in handy when the Crap hits the fan. I'm going up to the Utah property in two weeks to measure for Metal cabinets for a major part of our food storage to be taken up... Went to the Gun show in Las Vegas a few weekends ago... Purchased a few necessary evils... People are saying to buy gold, buy gold buy gold!!! What??? How about food storage and emergency supplies... You can't eat gold... Well, I supposed you could. I've been asked to do a demonstration for the Stake Boy Scouts the Old fashion Marine Corps way...on survival techniques, tracking, hunting etc... Should be fun.... I'll try and keep it on a remedial level. When I'm done they should have a great perspective on how to make it on their own in an emergency...
Received an offer on my Denver interests. Hope to sell it off soon... Time to get out...
Bought Taylor L. a Weeeeee "Wii" for Christmas... I don't know who is having more fun with it...
Waiting for a large order of food supplies to show up..... Nothing else today....
God Bless America

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Politic's, Church and Business Oh My!

Well, two whole weeks gone by and the pollsters are already at it... Our public (deliberately selected) was asked about the progress of their new Fraudulent president... Mostly, decided thumbs up! Turning dangerous terrorists back into the mainstream, printing and dumping billions of Pseudo dollars into the economy? Allowing a Tax cheater to run the economy? I'd say he's on a great course running this nation into the ground... Vindication is sweet... Time will tell.

"You reap what you sew"..

I suffered through another hour of church this week. I think we set a entirely new record for the number of babies and tots screaming and crying, cell phones ringing and unsupervised minors running and scamping about in the chapel. But I supposed that we should just be grateful that anyone shows up... Were on the late schedule.... With the NFL season over, makes for a long day.
Along with the babbling of the speakers, rambling on and on over rhetorical subjects, barely audible managed to ignite a rare headache this Sunday. I went home for an hour and prepared part of the dinner meal...
One of Sandi's friends was in charge of the Primary, "sharing time" program... She asked me to sit with her husband and another friend and be the judges... for Primary Idol... I spent the morning printing up special certificates that were awarded to the children who participated in the program... I made sure everyone in the room got a pass to "Holy" wood. I was asked to be the notorious "Simon Cowl"... Fortunately I had watched American Idol years ago so had somewhat of an idea of how to perform. It was fun and made up for the mess of the earlier meeting.
I sold my interest in our Houston, Texas operations. I'm done there. What a toilet Houston has become. Crime ridden, Illegal Mexican drug cartel's, kidnappings galore, murders, rapes..
I was glad that our first councilors son was transferred to San Antone. Houston has become a cesspool... Sandra has relatives farther away but they are not as affected.. Until someone secures the borders were in for the long haul... I don't see this Pseudo wanna be president doing anything about it while hes breathing...
This was a long week... Lots accomplished.. More to do...

God Bless....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Let The Games Begin"

I wish to send Happy New Year greetings... As I reflect on 2008, I can say we had a great year:
Blacks are happy; Obama was elected.
Whites are happy, OJ is in jail.
Democrats are happy; George Bush is leaving office.
Republicans are happy: Democrats will finally quit saying George Bush stole the election.
And all of us are so happy; The election is finally over! I think 2009 will be even better: Immediately after his inauguration, Obama will balance the budget, revive the economy, solve the real estate problem, solve the auto industry problem, solve our gas/alternative energy problem, stop the fires and mudslides in California, ban hurricanes and tornadoes, stop identity theft, reverse global warming, find Osama, solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, get rid of corruption in government and achieve world peace . Then on the 7th day, He will rest.
My best wishes for 2009
"The government cannot give to anyone anything that it does not first take from someone else."
.God Bless America!


Monday, January 19, 2009

"Reflections" a tough night for Dad

Taylor surprised me this week by informing me one day in advance that her Reflections awards ceremony at school was Wednesday night. Sandi worked at the restaurant and couldn't get away. I could feel the excitement about her all the way after school, through eating dinner and arriving at school. As usual we were of the first one's there. She was excited to see a table full of beautiful trophies and ribbons. This was a special night for her and there was no doubt her hopes were high.
I wandered around the pictures and photos and other categories amazed at the qualities of first through fifth graders artistic abilities. It was clear to see that Taylor L. had put a lot of work into her picture. Not so much the quality but the theme. I picked up on that right away.
She has a tendency to lean towards the Sciences more that the Arts. She asked if she could sit next to her best friend and I agreed to her request. It was fun to look back one row and see the utter excitement in her and her friends. She had felt a taste for trophies when she got hers for straight "A's". This was something that she worked hard for. After much fanfare, each student methodically marched up and received a ribbon for participation. (that didn't happen when I was a child). Next they went through each category, art, photography etc., and called each student up third place, second place and then first, with a few Honorable mentions.
Most of the 45 minutes was spent thanking the people responsible for setting up the show and their efforts. It was no surprise that most of the Faculty, PTA and organizers children received trophies. One by one the winners were called. Each time, applause. Each time I looked back to see my daughter seem more and more tense at each time her name wasn't called. None of her friends received a Trophy. Her best friend received an Honorable mention. As the last trophy was presented I could see the heartbreak in her eyes. Little was said, most of the parents walked out with there children. Taylor L walked quietly and climbed into the car and fastened her seatbelt. It was then she looked at me and said with great disquietude, "Dad, I really thought I was going to get a trophy tonight"; she said, My heart sank.
Having dealt with this kind of disappointment often in my own childhood, I went into "Dad" mode and plowed into one of my motivational speeches. I told my daughter that it wasn't what you did in life that mattered so much, but who you were in life that mattered.
I told her that actions spoke louder than words. I told her that while playing Highschool and College football, that I had worked hard to be special and although there were few write ups in the local or school papers, that when "Dad" ran onto the football field, the other team was noticeably looking for my number. I had gained a reputation for hitting and tackling in the AAA division in Southern Nevada that other teams players would stay away from my side of the field as they knew if I hit them chances were they would be knocked out of the game and often times that is just what happened. I told her that when I wrestled, both teams sat across from one another by weight division on opposite sides of the mat. That Dad would from the minute we walked out and sat down, would stare non-stop at my opponent until our match. It was my way of getting inside of their heads.. Probably the reason I took State several times. It was about my actions, not words.
I told her I never put my own awards on display, as I knew who and what I was. I didn't need a slap on the back. I didn't need anyone to tell me I was good. That that was what probably made me very popular in school.
She seemed to take it hard, but understand. She was quiet the rest of the night.
Without notification, she surprised us with Family Home evening tonight. She was prepared, spiritual and confident. She could have taught Valiant 11 in Sunday School with the lesson. My Daddy daughter talk seemed to have made sense to her. She knows shes someone special in this world and not a minute goes by that dad doesn't let her know...
God Bless

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Proposition 8, The L.D.S. Church, and Tom Hanks runs his mouth.....

Thanks Tom Hanks. I can now appropriately add you to the list of people who can and do act well, in the likes of Tim Robbins, Sean Pean, Susan Sherandon, et. al., etc.. The same people who are actors because they have no real life... When it comes to leadership, Class, decency, role modeling, you are all emotionally and morally bankrupt. Hence, that is why you act. You act out roles of people and personalities that you could never claim for yourselves. How sad. Good for me as I now have yet another excuse to not spend fifteen dollars for a theater ticked and waste good quality time watching you on the big screen.
You see it takes very little to motivate me either way upon sitting on a fence. Do to your running of your mouth, has now pushed me over to making a decision that I had hoped to stay neutral in.
Although it takes time for me to sort, ponder and finally decide in the best interests of everyone, how or what turns I can or should take in life, there are always those whom make decisions easier by just being themselves. Tom Hanks, I thank you. Not only for your past movies, but for what they stood for.
You see this past year I elected to forgo my Churches Tithing settlement. This is where a church member goes before his Clergyman and settle his 10% Tithes. Because of obvious Church politics, poor leadership and sitting back for that past eight to ten years, watching the African-American and Legal and illegal population of Mexico under the guise of new Membership, but in my personal opinion, merely adding on the the rapidly depleting handouts within America of Government assistance join my Church, I chose to nix any Tithing's this year witch is usually paid in a one time lump sum in the month of December. Although, rumors are seeping back that this has plunged the Stakes Annual budget into a crisis for 2009, we felt that perhaps the money could be used for greater purposes in the Church. My wife and I agreed that a donation to Proposition 8 in the former great state of California, in the sum of $25.000.00 would be much more appropriate and better spent.
One that this great nation was built on was Marriage, family and family unity. Since there is no, and I repeat no rational thought processes in discussing consequences with and Gay and Lesbian communities, perhaps a little help for those who are fighting to keep Marriage between a Man and a Woman sacred and the normal way of life is in good order.
So Tom Hanks, there's plenty of where that came from, so if you feel the urge to have some of your "buddies" run there mouths against the L.D.S. church it takes little for me to open back up the old check book.
I guess when an actor becomes an old has been, and can't sell a movie ticket on E-Bay they resort to other rhetoric. Trust me Tom, living in reality is fun. It can be difficult, even when you have a lot of money... But there is so much more to do when your a former movie Icon when you live in the real world.
Enough Said;

Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Preaching to the Choir"

Another year has come and gone. For the most part I was busy all year with the political season rapidly surging upon us until the climax of November 4th. We made several trips to Utah this year, mostly to Salt Lake City. I can't recall when I worked harder for the Conservative way of life, and perhaps stressed more than usual. Spending most of my days glued to the A.M. radio shows, Rush, Laura, Sean and the gang and Fox news 24/7 I was convinced that the time had come that the Real America would stand up and S*#T can most of the garbage going on in this country. I remember the night of the Republican Convention when Sarah Nobody was introduced as the Vice Presidential candidate. "Can you say Pandering?"... I told my wife Sandra that McCain had pro-verbally pulled out his Pistolla had proceeded to pound a round somewhere into his flesh in the area between his ankle and big toe.

Never the less, being a Combat Veteran myself, I felt respect due for his Military service and POW status, plus it helped that I felt that NoBama didn't even pass the Laugh Test. Being an educated man, I couldn't but help feel that the Conservative Republicans had done well in putting across their points to rebuild the America I grew up in and fought for.

I would have never have guessed, imagined or perceived that this Country would commit Political Suicide. I'm still convinced that I somehow crawled through a "Worm Hole" into a parallel Universe. Everything seems to be real but I'm not 100% sure anymore. Even when I go to my main meeting in Church on Sundays, I feel as If I'm living in a bygone era. This whole 2012 History Channel thing is starting to make a bunch of sense lately. Sandra and I spent another crapload of money on more food storage. Man I hope I'm wrong on all of this. I'm doing more reading than ever, the Book of Revelations mostly in an effort to sort out this Madness occurring in this once great country. In a few days, the United States of America will be without a President leading the country, yet there will be the multitudes roaming aimlessly about in denial that all will be well in Camelot. Good luck with that... More like a Marionette attached to every liberal group organized int the past half century. The entitlement attitude is well represented as we speak by most of the African-Americans I interact with these days. It will only get worse.
Even when speaking with members of my Utah based religion who voted for NoBama, have no Idea why... Not a clue... It's like being back in Provo, Utah at college. Most are there because that is what they were told to do.... then get married, why? because that is what they were told to do... Robots??? Sheep??? (see "Major" The SheepDog" blog article below).

Even the simplest attempts to interact with simple reason with these people results in a feeling of hopelessness. We got idiots buying Gold like it's going out of style. Good luck eating that when you have no food. And when you come banging on one of my many homes, because you found out I'm LDS, and have a crapload of food in storage, guess how much that $500.00 Gold piece is worth when you need a 40lb sack of flour to feed your starving family, yeah, $500.00 dollars. Take it or leave it. If you have a problem with that and become a little pushy and persistent, well unfortunately for all of you, the U.S. Marine Corps, bestowed upon me a set of special skills to deal with people like you, and yes, go ahead and bring your friends back with you, because what I can't personally take care of I keep about 6,000 rounds of "S#*T your pants handy for all of the rest of you.
Is this math just to hard? You don't need a standing membership in M.E.N.S.A. to figure this stuff out...
So I decided to go into an "Unstressed" mode. Since November 5th I haven't listened to one A.M. Talk show, or news cast. Period. I quit drinking soda pop, and eating any red meat and continue to workout at the gym three days a week. I sleep like a baby.
While working on a PTA project last week, I was thumbing through the A.M. channels looking for a sports station when I heard spots of the above mentioned talk shows. I sat in my car and began to wonder; Who are this people talking to? The election is over, the people of the former United States of America made there choice. Let's not rehash this trash, it's over. The horse is out of the corral. America has "Jumped the Shark"....
Are you kidding me??? Then it dawned on me... There all just Preaching to the Choir....

God Bless

Friday, January 2, 2009

"New Years Day" fun/tragedy

Ah, we decided to go up to the Snow on New Years Day, an annual trip for the past several years, Steven and Matthew didn't go this time.. We hadn't been there very long when to sixteen year old girls went up high on the slope and came down. The first, a sister, almost plowed into a small child, two or three years old. Down and out of control... Without listening, the second girl came down and hit a bump flying into the air and coming down upon her head. It was obvious that she had sustained a concussion. Some people there tried to get her up but I knew she was not going anywhere. When I got to her, she was conscious, but unaware of her surroundings, with the eyes staring to one side indicative of a head injury. I held her for almost an hour on the freezing ground using neck and spine stabilization awaiting the Paramedics. Finally after about forty-five minutes they showed up.. but without some of the equipment I had asked for.
I talked to her most of the time, she was scared and I told her she would be alright and what and why I was doing what I was doing. Her name was Brittney, like the (alleged)actor/singer. She was beautiful, and reminded me of my College fiance. They took her off the mountain and to the awaiting Helicopter to the Trauma center. I didn't see or read any news about the incident that day or today..
Taylor L. included her to our surprise in the evening family prayer..
All in all we had a great day... the mountain was packed, it was a long quiet ride home.... We decided not to stop at the property this year... The video's are on myspace.

It's going to be a different year...