Saturday, February 18, 2012

"BIG TIME RUSH" Concert, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada


                                           Taylor and Daphne showing off their pre-concert V.I.P. goodies!

Taylor, Daphne, Robert and Leigh Ann right before going in to the concert!

                                    This got a ton of attention!  Everyone loved it!

                            Taylor and her friend Daphne went to the BIG TIME RUSH concert Friday night at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  Taylor was surprised Christmas morning with two tickets to go to the concert last night.  Her and Sandi had been looking forward for two months to go together.  Sadly, Sandi contracted the same nasty flu that I've had all week and was unable to get out of bed!  Very disappointing.  I was able to fill in and thanks to Daphne's dad Robert and his lovely wife who together hooked us up with getting the tickets, everyone had a great time!  These four kids really rocked the place for over an hour.  Taylor and Daphne were center stage, front row.  As seen in the video, between 00:18 and 00:26 seconds they are having a great time!  I was still exhausted from getting over the flu but still was impressed by the hard work of the crew and the band members.  It's always exciting to see the happiness these children show when they are in their elements!  We all had a great time!  The girls got the goodies that go with the V.I.P. passes, posters, bags, etc.  Lots of fun!  Even for an old guy like me!  Sandi, so sorry you missed this.  You would have had a great time.  I didn't know if they would allow pictures or videos so I took my handy dandy small Sony camera and got about 30 videos.  I'm posting one now but will add more as I get the time!  Thanks Bob and Leigh Ann for everything!  Big I.O.U.'s your way!   (Almost 2000 hits in 24 hours!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tay's Science project!

                                     Taylor was required to construct an Animal or plant cell!  We threw around some Ideas, seems everyone in her class was going for the Styrofoam type.  She was able to come up with this using Clay.  She was giving extra credit for turning it in early.  She received an A+ even with leaving out one element.  Pretty good work for her age and Grade in School!  Were proud of you Bug!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I shook hands with the next President of the United States! Mitt Romney!

                            Taylor and I went to the Mitt Romney rally in Henderson, Nevada tonight.  We were inundated with a plethora of people crowding into a shopping center the size of a football field.  We arrived rather early and were able to get right up to the fencing area.  The Secret Service were spot on!  At the end of his walk around I was able to get T-Bug right up close for a pic.  I was able to reach over and was the last person Mitt Romney shook hands with before entering his bus!  I wanted Taylor to be exposed to patriotism and love for this great nation, the Nation I fought for and many died for in protecting the Freedom our Fore fathers created for us!  What a great experience.  Afterwards, Pizza and Dr. Pepper. What a great event!  Very Blessed!  What a great man, what a great Honor!  I wish I would have been able to fly "President Mitt Romney" in Marine 1.  (HMX-1)  What an Honor that would have been!