Friday, October 22, 2010

"Halloween Trunk or Treat" School

                                   Taylor, Sandi and I enjoyed Taylor's "Trunk or Treat" at her school"... I was in the Haunted House all night and missed everything but had fun anyway.  Taylor and all her friends hung out and Sandi mingled with friends and the school Principle Mrs. Wooldridge..  Everyone had a fun time.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Student Council"


              Tayor tried out for 5th Grade Student Council President today.  We spent lastnight preparing her speech.  Although popular, another classmate was selected.  She was chosen over thiry candidates to be " Arms".  We are very proud of her!

"Happy Anniversary"


                   Taylor surprised Sandi and I Sunday afternoon with an Anniversary surprise dinner.  She had spent weeks preparing the menus and decorations.  She dressed up, brought her keyboard downstairs for the music, lit a candle, and made romantic napkins.  She escorted us to the dinning area after the Cowboy's lost, and brought both of us to tears as she took our orders and prepared the simple food from the menu.  It caught us both by surprise.  We have truly been blessed with a wonder and special daughter.  After Family Home evening Monday night we all went to an nice restaurant and had great baby back ribs and everything else you can imagine.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Family in the News"

                             UPDATE:  Cardinal's Rookie QB  "Mad Max"  Hall wins his first NFL Start!

Mad Max Hall, undrafted Quarterback from Brigham Young University, will start for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL this Sunday.  Max is the son of my first Cousin Mark Hall of Mesa, Az.
Sara Bishop (second from left) joins the UNLV REBEL Cheerleader squad for the second year.
Jan and Chris Bishop lived down the street from us when we purchased our home in Las Vegas.  Jan was the first person to welcome us at a church function and Chris was our first Church visiting home teacher.  We had been neighbors for 7 years until they spoke in church due to moving away to Henderson, Nevada.  I noticed in HP Quorum that after Jan's father introduced himself, he had the same last name as my mothers maiden name.  I found out that day, that his grandfather and my grandfather were both from Minersville, Cedar City area and were Brothers.  Jan is my Second cousin.  Good luck Sara!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Time for a new Car"

              Decided to purchase a new car this week.  My older "gas saver" had 53k three thousand over the warranty.
I loved the new 2011 VW Jetta SEL.  Fully loaded, and has all the new toys including the usual Sirius Radio and Navigation, heated seats, sunroof.  Pretty exciting...  Sandi insists on hanging on to the SUV. Why not, only five years old and 58K on it.  Sandi wishes she could have taken the new SEL to the Condo in Vail this year... Heck, I wish I could have gone period.  But all is going well and I even have most of my hair, ha ha ha!  The question is, what shade should I have the Window tinted?  Wait, I can probably do that!

UPDATE:  I decided on the dark tint this time.  More privacy and more heat rejection.  Took me less than an hour.  Turned out perfect!  Like riding a Bike, you never forget!  Maybe I should do this professionally!


Brad Dunn's Semi-Pro game...

Linebacker Brad Dunn poised to go in on Defense.
Taylor enjoyed KFC and a football game with Dad.

Linebacker Brad Dunn takes a breather!

Head Coach Mike Kelly and ass't coach Chris Davis and I played together at UNLV...

Ass't Coach Chris Davis (big guy, tan hat, far right, played lineman with Mike and I at UNLV.)

                Taylor and I went to Brad's game at Freedom Park yesterday.  It's touted as a Semi-Pro league.  Not sure if it is.  These guys could probably beat BYU or UNLV.  Fun to watch!  Head coach Mike Kelly and Ass't coach Chris Davis and I played together and UNLV, way back when!

                                       Brad Dunn closes the line and goes in for the Tackle.....