Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mom turns "85"

Mom turned 85 years old on the 30th. God Bless her! A wonderful wonderful woman and Mother. Chinese dinner for all! May she have many many more!

Church "Trunk or Treat"

Winding up the night!
Sandi preparing to hand out the goodies!

Huge turnout!

(Bret, Wes and Brad, Chief cooks and bottle washers!

Friend and Metro Officer Mike Butters set up a crime scene trunk or treat, here he arrests Sam Cox! (long over due)

Thursday night it was off to the Church parking lot and recreation area for the annual Trunk or Treat. My two hours, up late pumpkin carving contest entry took a dismal 75th place.

A lot more quite this year, more people, lots of children. I had to run back and get my pumpkin who was sitting alone at the table after everyone was gone.

Monday, October 26, 2009


The Taylor as "Mortisha Adams"
Taylor and best friend Mirana.

Cake walk
Taylor and Mom
A long night!
We all went to Taylor's school Trunk or Treat Friday night! It was fun... I got to run the Obstacle course for two hours. Sandi dressed and put make up on an ever excited Tay. We allowed her a little bit more freedom tonight. She and her friends went out on school property were the cars and fun things to do were. Tay won some delicious cup cakes at the Cake walk... We all left tired... Me especially. Try lifting a few hundred kids over a blown up obstacle course that is six feet high and they are all wearing socks. Ugh!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

BYU 59 UNLV 21

Brigham Young University Quarterback Max "Mad Max" Hall took time out of his post game interviews to except hugs, congradulations and smiles from hoards of family members who attended the game. It was great to meet Max's lovely wife, and better yet for me to have a mini-family reunion where no one had died.. Left to Right- Max Hall, Mom, Sandi (my lovely wife) and thats me lurking in the back there!

My first Cousin Mark Hall, Max's Father, His Beautiful and Lovely wife Crystal, (younger sister of Dallas Cowboy Great, Danny White and my Mom, one of Max's biggest fans! (Marks Mom and my Mom are sisters!

Max Hall aka MAD MAX, (I named after the Mel Gibson Character who runs havioc over the bad guys)turns the reins over to the back up QB early in the forth quarter after another steller game!

BYU during a TV time out.. You could feel the professionism by the team due to the superior Coaching and outstanding leadership from QB Max Hall!

A shirt on a fan in front of me that reminded me of my BYU days of Jim McMahon, Steve Young and Robbie Bosco..
A group of great guys we met sitting next to the family during the game.. A real pleasure to talk to.. Fun People!

A one of a kind shot! My lovely wife Sandi left, me my 85 year old Mom, and big sis Linda!

My awesome cousin Mark Hall, Mad Max's Dad, (Max was named after Mark's father, poses with my wife Sandi before the game.. A great athlete in his own day, the first Pole Vaulter at Henderson, Nevada's Basic High School, and Stand out Quarterback, Basketball, et,al; super athlete at Duchesne Senior HighSchool in Duchesne, Utah after moving from the LV area..

Mad Max covers pre-game strategy before eviserating UNLV...

The Ghetto President and The Nobel Prize

This just in !!!
Obama wins the Heisman Trophy after watching a college football game !!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jordan Bonet's Birthday Party

Taylor prepares to toss a few bowling balls at Jordan's birthday party Saturday night!
Taylor and Everyone esle were able to sign Jordan's Gift Bowling ball after the party ended.

Not a bad night for the old guy.. three games 130. 170, 172.. Wii Bowling is paying off I guess.

Sandi played three games as well. She usually beats me but was having an off night!

Taylor, although under the weather for two days, was able to knock down a pin or two...

Shane (holding ball) discusses tactical moves before the toss at Jordan's Birthday party.

We all went to Jordan's birthday party last night, it was fun.. Taylor was a little under the weather. She still had a great time.. It was at the Strike Zone.. Sandi and I bowled three games. Looks like the Wii bowling has paid off.. There was a good turnout.. Everyone had a good time.
Pizza and cake was eaten by all.. A fun time.. Good to see everyone together...

Friday, October 2, 2009

International Community tosses "The One" an F.U.

Looks like "The One" can't B.S. the I.O.C. America losses out!
America, "The Ego has Landed"