Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Utah Pheasant hunting-family trip...

Where the hunt was!  Recommended!

Roux, Ken, Steve, Richard, Cedar, Al... Big Game hunters!  Ha!

Picking up the processed birds at the area.

Caught the limit!

              Got to spend some quality time with family and friends in Utah this week.  My first time Pheasant hunting.  Went with my two brothers and a great guy, Ken from Sand Point, Idaho.  He brought his dog Roux, a puppy from Cedar.  Got most of our limit.  The Hawks ate one of them for lunch.  Richard showed off his expertise and Ken's dog, Roux did a great job too of hunting up the birds. 
              It was a completely different experience than I expected but I had a great time and it was so fun to get away.  On the way home, I showed my brother some sights, visited Ross Hunt my old life long friend, and former UHP officer, and old High school, Cheerleader buddy Kim Primavera at the Orem, Mall.  I showed my brother where my old Businesses were, stopped and took pic's of the Mormon tabernacle that burned down and shared some great memories.
              The highlight was seeing Jennifer, Marshall and the newest Grand daughter, Avalon... We all met at Cabala's Sports store, better known as the "Lehi Temple" and spent some quality time.  The hunt was fun.  Lot's of snow that I miss.  Provo is my second home.  Short but sweet.  All in all a great trip.  Thanks Richard for the invite, Steve your the best as usual, Ken, your a gentleman and it was an honor to get to know you and enjoyed eating and visiting at all the Lehi Steak houses.

Friday, December 17, 2010

"Pheasant Hunting in Utah"

My Brother in Law in Phoenix surprisingly invited me to go Pheasant hunting at a Reserve north of Provo, Utah the week after Christmas for three days.  I was caught off guard buy the invite as I had not been invited several years before when Richard and my other brother in law Steven headed out annually.  I suspected they didn't want me along because although I might be an expert Pistol shooter, the only thing I have been able to hit with a Shotgun was usually a bad guy at ten feet.  We went out shooting last weekend and I couldn't hit the Skeet machine in front of me if I wanted to.  Even the wadding was close to hitting the clay's but the "shot Pellets" were no where near it.
Never the less, I enjoy more going than doing.  It gives me a chance to "rough it" once in awhile.  I get to take out my survival gear and MRE's and not shower for a few days, and let it all hang out before I have to return to civilization... Although, we will be hitting the Pizza Factory in Provo around 6 P.M. Monday night to get stuffed.... We did manage to get some rooms in Lehi (Richard is bringing his hunting Dogs)  and after the hunt Steve and I are going to head to Manti and visit family for a few hours, eat and head back to the property in New Harmony. 
I haven't decided what to take yet, the Durango or the Jet.  If it's snowing I'm going with the Durango for 4x4 purposes.  I just have to decide If I should scrape off the Dallas Cowboys "Star" on the back window to avoid any persecution. 
I'm excited to go, and anyone of you can join us!  There's always plenty of room and I'm going to fully enjoy this month off.
I'll put pictures on the Blog when I get back.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toys for Tot's

Here’s a nice Xmas story with a happy ending!

December 14, 2010: Associated Press
Las Vegas, Nevada - A U.S. Marine reservist collecting toys for children was stabbed when he helped stop a suspected shoplifter in Downtown Las Vegas, Tuesday. Best Buy sales manager Orvin Smith told The Las Vegas Review Journal, that man was seen on surveillance cameras Tuesday, putting a laptop under his jacket at the Las Vegas store.
When confronted, the man became irate, knocked down an employee, pulled a knife and ran toward the door. Outside were four Marines and a former retired Marine Major in Civilian clothing, collecting toys for the service branch's "Toys ForTots" program.
Smith said the Marines stopped the man, but he stabbed one of them, Cpl. Phillip Duggan, in the back. The cut did not appear to be severe.
The suspect was transported to the local hospital with two broken arms, a broken leg, possible broken ribs,multiple contusions and assorted lacerations including a broken nose and jaw and several missing teeth...injuries he sustained when he fell trying to run,  after stabbing the Marine.

Church Christmas dinner

           Taylor and I went to the Church Christmas dinner last Saturday.  There was a huge turnout.  I sat alone at a table and Taylor's friends all came and sat with us, including a friend in the Ward who occasionally drops off her children for us to babysit now and then.  As usual I didn't eat anything.  If I can't see it being made, or it's not a 4 star or better restaurant (not including the Spaghetti Factory or Pizza Factory in Utah) I don't touch it.  I even declined to attend our Company Christmas party this year, because it's pot luck, (everyone bring a dish) dinner.  No thanks!  I've been through enough these past six months and with this special diet I'm on I'll stay on the straight and narrow. 
The Missionary's spoke and sang.  The Bishop was low profile as usual...  Taylor pretty much just hung out with friends, Sandi was at work.  I sat there most of the night talking to our friend, but as usual don't socialize much with anyone.  Not my style... We don't see a lot of her anymore with this weird schedule she's on.  Later, the children were invited to sit on Santa's lap and get photo's taken... It was a Ward member who always volunteers.  Great guy.  On a better note, I'm not going to have to narrate the Ward Christmas program for the first time in five years.  And if they are waiting for the last minute to ask me (usual M.O.) they are out of luck.
It was a good night.  We went back home and hung out!  Very nice dinner!

"Two Missionary's- Two Homecomings"

 This Blog post was removed by request and by and for Respect and my Friendship for the person who requested it be removed.  Thank you...

Taylor, just chillin'

                Taylor was just chillin' the other day, she had her friends all lined up watching tv together.  Taylor is very creative and intelligent... I snapped this pic'...

"MADB" Mormon Apologetic's and Discussion Board


(The following thoughts, ideas and writings are of my own Personal opinions and thoughts)

               After much thought, I have decided to keep the link to the MADB on my blog as I have found people can't seem to find it on Google or anywhere else.  I first happened upon the forum by attempting to locate a former relationship to return some personal belongings after 25 years.  I had made several attempts to do this on a known e-mail address but never got a response.  I wasn't aware even at my age that these types of forums were on the Internet.  I was quickly surprised, amazed and horrified by what I read, and the caliber of people that were on the forum.  What was more surprising was seeing my ex-relationship involved with this type of Riff-Raff...  I have to admit she was a bit quirky and out there, but her beauty and righteousness always over shadowed these issues.  I noticed one particular member who was an alleged author, writer and speaker.  But apparently he still had time to spend on the forum where he found his Minions, and groupies salivating on his every word and thought.  No doubt the reason he after being a member for 8 years had the highest profile views in the forum.
After about 9 months on the forum I started to smell a "Rat" and with some sophisticated software and the help of another member, we investigated the forum, some of it's members and moderators and Domain owners.  It was obvious my membership there was of odd and unusual presents.  It took only a while for other members to see that I wasn't the "Normal" type of person that was on the forums like this.  So while having some fun with the members, I quickly set some personal goals for myself and the MADB, all but one was reached.  Although I have been banned from the forum (but have several "Sock puppets") over 8 months ago, I still have the second highest number of profile views on the forum and that was obtained in less than a year on the forums. 
After, months of investigating the forum, it started to make more and more sense.  We found out that the forum is a one man operation in the North West and that the senior moderator is the ONLY moderator, but uses different Greek names as moderators to give the members the illusion that there are many moderators.  The forum uses a cheap but economically reasonable operating system, (probably why the site has crashed and been hacked so many times)  and operated by the same type of person with the same type of personality of most of the members.  We found out that over 83% of the members were lying about who they were and they're accomplishments.  The average member is more commonly known as "Poor White Trailer Park Trash", Welfare cases, those having multiple relationships and marriages, most in Government assistance of one type or another, many with Psychological and Sociopathical issues, low self esteem and self Image issues, desperately trying to get any crumb of approval by anyone on another computer of whom they have no idea, or factual knowledge of who these people might be.  Most of the female members have bad marriages where their obsessive-compulsive problems drive them to spend countless hours daily posting thread after thread in front of their PC's.  This is your Jerry Springer, Murry Povich, Judge Judy crowd..
             Every once in  a while you will see a person "Bail" out of the forums stating they recognize their Obsessive-Compulsive habits, only to return weeks if not days later.  SAD !!!     The Moderator is of the same ilk.  An insecure, antisocial computer geek who watches his "SHEEPLE" often beg for his forgiveness at the instance of a mis-writing or posting.   It's possible that this moderator suffers from "Delusions of Grandeur" and believes he is really some Greek God with believing he has pulled off the biggest con since the Madoff Ponzi scandal.  Don't be surprised if you see a whole new format or Domain change with the MADB in the near future.  It's amazing what a little Legal work can accomplish...
I actually became disgusted with the whole site a few months ago when a member contacted me through an e-mail, non-members of the LDS church who informed me that my name and character had been attacked on a post from perhaps the most dysfunctional, compulsive-pathological lier on the forum.  These people could find nothing that I had written, then realized having been banned months before was unable to post anything on the MADB.  That prompted them to contact me.  They contacted me while traveling between SLC, Utah and there home state of California and our family's met for dinner and quickly became friends that we stay in contact with to this day.
I made it my goal to get my closest friends off the MADB.  As with most of all my goals I have succeeded.  I haven't seen any of my friends on the site and know of only 1 or 2 times recently that my ex-relationship has signed on.  I'm pray daily that she will have nothing to do with this site as should any "Temple Recommend" holding member or for that fact any member in good standing in my church should have nothing to do with this site.   So for now, I have met my goals... Hopefully my friends and those I love will avoid this "Toilet" of a forum and put their lives to a more productive purpose... Let's hope so!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Nellis AFB" Air show, USAF Thunderbirds"

                                 My brother in law and I decided a last minute run out the to the Air Show this November.  I had just completed several days of Medical treatments and tests and it is usually about three days afterwards that the "Train" runs over me for about a week.  But the day was beautiful, a Sunday and the last demonstration for the "Thunderbirds" for the year...  Unlike the masses who have to park way out at the Speedway and be shuttled to the base, where they go through vigorous screenings and metal detectors, we just always pull up to the main gate and flash our Military ID's and they let us go on base and park where ever we want, usually by the Fire Station where my Father spent 34 years as a Crash/Rescue Firefighter/Fire Chief...  I was a bit reluctant to walk around too much but I kept staying hydrated, and ate before I left to pick up Steve.  The crowd was noticeably smaller this year but still a great turnout.  We walked all around while observing all the ancillary side shows going on, like the "Red Bull" stunt plane, parachutists, and the "Heritage Flights" (way Cool")  We particularly enjoyed the "Static" platforms that were on display.  Steve still knew some of the Airmen and said hello...   We spent 4 hours walking around (later would come back and bite me in the Derriere,)  but never the less enjoyed the event...  This is one of the few times I really enjoy getting out for the day....
Steve spent twenty years in the Air force and now works for a private contractor.  He was also in Afghanistan earlier this year.
It's funny, every time you run into a fighter pilot, they are always fascinated by Helicopter pilots.  I originally wanted to join the Air force and become a fighter pilot and be a "Thunder Bird Pilot" but Dad gave me anything but encouragement.  I too am fascinated with Jet's and fighter pilots.  Had I been able to be one I would have chosen this little "Bad Boy" the A-10 Warthog.  A nasty little weapons platform.  We saw ton's of these in Desert Storm in 91'...  This would have been my aircraft of choice.  Well, this is about as close as I will ever get to one I suppose.  Maybe, just maybe I can become a celebrity one day and catch a ride in one of these.  "I'll never be the same"...

The old "0-2" "Bird Dog" used by USAF Reconnaissance pilots in Viet Nam to spot downed pilots.  This what my good friend "Uncle" Charlie flew in Viet Nam...

"The Few The Proud"  (This title has to be Earned)  U.S. Marine

Thunderbird Solo climbs for the loop....

Video's >>>>

The "Heritage Flight" once in a life time sight!  F-16 Eagle, P-51 Mustang, P-40 Warhawk and the F-22 Raptor!!!  From Past to Present....
The A-10 Warhog shows off it's turning and climbing abilities...

Two USAF Pavehawks demonstate a Mock rescue while the F-22 "RAPTOR" provides close ground support during the rescue...

"My Dad"

                I came home one night, Sandi and Taylor had come and gone to a church function, achievement day I believe.  We have a special Calendar we bought for Taylor.  It's her job to remind me to change it monthly.  She is meticulous about crossing off the days, and keeping track of events.  October was a particularly difficult month for me.  All I remember is that my treatments took six days instead of the usual three, then I came down with Bronchitis but fortunately a mild case.  In my old age, I have become quiet and introverted over the past 18 years or so.  No one really knows how I feel about much.  Taylor could sense that I was having a tough time last month and whenever she would ask if I was okay, (which is usually every hour) I would tell her "just fine"...   She would just say "it's because you were a Marine, right?"  I usually would just smile.
This particular night, as I walked by the Calendar, I couldn't help but notice what she had written on the picture...  We are so blessed to have this little angel....  Thank you Taylor.... Dad !

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mom's Birthday!


                      Mom turned 86 this year and although we wanted to have a big birthday party at the church for all of her friends it dawned on us that she has out lived most of them.  I bought a big Carrot cake and headed out to the house.  Linda bought her assorted Arizona Cardinal's gear.. Shirts, gloves, etc., Sandi, Taylor and I bought her an authentic Arizona Cardinal's jersey with our cousin Az. QB Max Hall's name and number on it.  It fit perfectly to my surprise.  Bradley and Eddie were a complete no show, ever, to no one's surprise.  It's been 16 years since I've seen or spoken to Eddie. (No loss there).. When I think of the two most influential women in my life I think of Mom and a beautiful lady I met in Salt Lake City, Utah named Naomi (Muh) Smith.  Two of the classiest, righteous people I have ever known.  Mom has been without Dad for 25 years now.  She is getting frail and forgetful. We realize that every day and every holiday may be her last, so we make the best of everyday.  I never give up a chance to get a big hug and tell Mom I love her.  I'm so glad Taylor had a grandmother to know growing up.  I never knew my Grandmothers, and only had one Grandfather that I knew.   Muh Smith was a Grandmother to me of sorts.  I'll post more picks of her and mom when I find them.  Mom was excited.  It's been frustrating for Linda for the past 12 years living with Mom and dealing with her memory loss and other Health issues.  We almost lost Mom in March of this year. We have been blessed and hopefully will be blessed for many more years.