Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Pioneer Day's" SLC, Utah

Pioneer Days Parade SLC. Utah

Liberty Park!

Jennifer, Marshall, Sandi, Taylor, Campbell and Claire.
Safari time????

Taylor taking a break from it all.

Sandi clowing around at the Hoogle Zoo
(Heritage Park, Salt Lake City, Utah-This is the Place)
Pioneer days in Salt Lake City was great this year... We got there Thursday and left on Saturday afternoon. Thanks again SLC Hilton for the complimentary rooms, you guys are the best as always... We enjoyed the Pioneer Days Parade, the floats, bands and other exhibits. The heat was nearly unbearable. Humidity at 37%, nothing like anything I have felt in Las Vegas. You would have to go back to the jungles of Viet Nam to enjoy such misery. Never the less, we had ample beverages, and ended up using the umbrellas meant for possible rain. They kept the sun out great. We left the parade and headed to Rubio's the fresh Mex restaurant that Sandi originally opened in 1999 if my memory serves. We met a nice couple there who new people we knew offered up a whole bunch of unexpected and interesting 411, and was stared down by a guy and his female companion who looked like he could be someones big brother and obviously looking for us there. We were able to stop at the Emergency essentials store in Taylorsville, what a great place. Because we drove the SUV we piled up the back end full of supplies that would have cost several hundreds in just shipping alone. They replaced a backpack and we bought a special one for me for night hiking and for my Mountain Bike competition trips.
We left and headed to Saltaire for a dismal hot visit to the Great Salt Lake. Right when we thought it couldn't get any hotter. We walked out to the waters edge before being attacked by some species of gnats or whatever. Taylor enjoyed it all and bought a souvenir as well as a ton of salt water taffy. Rather than going to Heritage park, we headed back to the suite and took a needed nap. We met later with Jennifer and Marshall and the twins at Pizza Palace where we ordered one of everything is seemed. The twins acted up some but settled down and finally we all ate a ton of pasta and pizza. Campbell and Claire stuffed themselves with pizza and were ready for a good nights sleep.
We all headed back up to Heritage Park only to find the Pioneer festivities over for the day. The Bullocks left for home and we headed to Liberty Park for the evening activities. Talk about hot and miserable. On the ferris wheel, Sandi spoke to a life long resident who told her that the humidity had never been this bad in all the years she lived there. We were just lucky that way.
We bought some items from the booths, and sat around the lake. The last time I was at Liberty Park was in 1984 for a Marine Corps PFT. We had to go to a command change at Fort Douglas and got roped into running around the park for time. It looked nothing like I remembered.
The fireworks were awesome, one doesn't see much like that in LV unless it is July 4th or New Years Eve. I had decided to park several blocks away from the park and walk. Thank goodness for that, we were able to evade some nasty traffic..
We got to bed at 11:30P.M.
Saturday, it rained for a few minutes, we loaded up the Durango, grabbed some breakfast and headed over to drop off some things at a house.
From there we headed to the Hoogle Zoo for three hours of fascination. The twins had a blast and Taylor enjoyed the fun as well. It wasn't that hot with the clouds, but humid still. We said our goodbyes and we left, went to the Heritage park and watched a movie, walked around and took pictures, fueled up, grabbed some snacks and headed south.
We Stopped at KFC in Cedar City, it was cool and breezy, Sandi and Taylor slept while I caught up on some music with a pair of sweet Boze headphones.
We needed to have a new electrical line installed at the property in New Harmony so we stopped and checked to see if it was installed and it was... We were there for about five minutes.
Off to Vegas for a good nights sleep and to sleep in, and we did.
What a wonderful time had by all. It was good to visit friends and family... Still planning to go to the Eastern Idaho Fair on Labor Day weekend.
This was a fun weekend.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moon Landing? America? Really?

In the year 2009, we are using rubber O rings to hold together rockets thrusting thousands and thousands of pounds of fuel per second, and Elmer's glue to keep the heat tiles on the Space Shuttle and you want us to believe we made several successful moon landings forty years ago???
Well, heres a few questions to ponder then tell me what you think?
(To be Continued)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Natural History Museum anniversary"

working on her dinosaur model with clay....
working in many of the classes put on by the museum.

The finished product. A dinosaur and dragonfly. (note: she belongs to the Jr. Scientist club, it's her hat with her name on it next to her left ear!)

The fake bighorn sheep at the museum.
Ice Age Mammoth!
Buying a mood ring at the museum store.
Next week we travel to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Mormon Pioneer days. We will be there Friday and Saturday. We will be going to Rubio's Freshmex restaurant in Sugarhouse around noon for lunch after the parade, then to Pizza Factory somewhere around 3300 south for dinner around 5. I will have someones personal items to return to them and hopefully we will see them.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I Believe

That true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.
Same goes for true love.

"The Ghetto President"

The Ghetto president (of what or whom I haven't a clue), in ALL HIS GLORY!

A picture is worth a thousand words....

What a loser!
(of course, tomorrow, the State run media will claim he found a penny and was getting ready to pick it up!) yeah, right!
The Ghetto President and how the rest of the world see's him... The laughing stock of the world!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Celebration !

(The Neighbors got into the act up and down the street this year, seemed to be more participation.)
(Grand Finale)

(Sandi holding up a Roman torch)

(Everyone was tired from a long day, but had a blast)
(Light it up!)
(Taylor holding a sparkler. My good camera seemed to be in the fritz!)
(Taylor and Matthew battle on their DS's..)
(Me getting the ribs ready to BBQ!)
(yes, the pool was actually clean and 88*degrees)

(My brother Steve slaps on some Tony Roma's BBQ sauce to the ribs)

We enjoyed a great weekend. Saturday, Sandi and I completely re-organized the Garage I just spent 4 hours on last month. Later I worked on the pool getting it ready for family and friends to come over for BBQ ribs. After a great dinner and swimming we enjoyed about $500 worth of Moapa Tribal Smoke Shoppe fireworks we procured from our trip back last Memorial day. We made the skys look like it was full of Triple AAA.
It sits between St. George, Ut and Las Vegas. Most of them are illegal but are sold in another county so it is what it is..
My brother Steve is headed back to New York for training for a month then may get sent to Afghanistan later next year with his company... Everyone went to bed exhausted...
A great weekend!
Independence day meant much more to me this year than usual. As I sit back and watch Chair man Obama destroy or freedoms daily, I think off all my friends and young men who gave the ultimate sacrifice only to see it possibly go in vain.
God Willing and the creek don't rise we will all get together and make this country as great as it was in the days of yore.

God Bless America!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

"Can it be any more Clear"

"Possibility or Probability", the Sequel !

I said it first several posts ago earlier this month! We liberated a Nation of Iraqi people. We recently turned over the country of Iraq for their own sovereignty. The Prime Minister of Iraq stood before the nation, and after billions of dollars and after the blood of over 4000 U.S. deaths, was unable to give thanks, be grateful, ask us to share in their happiness, but referred to the U.S. as Invaders, yet without our interventions, long before he was anybody, our presents paved the way to his and their happiness. Anything said positive about us would Probably become his demise????
I said it first!