Monday, June 20, 2011

"Father's Day"

Taylor and I took a Daddy's Day picture right after church! Hummm! Is that yet another cupcake in my pocket?

Steve explains to his oldest son Criss the Dynamics of cooking hamburgers. Sandi, Taylor and I brought over a ton of Ribs for everyone slathered with BBQ sauce so we missed out on the Hockey pucks.

OH WELL! Maybe next time!

Criss gave up the cooking and stuck to looking up Youtube sites.

Criss, Taylor and Criss's new girlfriend Heather frolic in the pool. I didn't go in even though the pool water was nice. (Heather is LDS and I hope she is a good influence on Criss.)

Sandi had her usual stellar game. How about a 40 foot putt! Wow! I didn't do too bad myself, just need to work on my short game!

Taylor and I went to the Craft stores Friday night to find a hat and mask. She was asked to take a lead part in a play and to do a dance at the end. This is for the dance. She has been practicing day and night as well as her Piano practice. Nice look for a young lady!

How about that new Father's day Golf shirt. Didn't help my game much... Need to go out 14 times a week or more!

Some highlights from Father's day weekend! Started on Friday. Taylor and Sandi spoiled me with gifts cards. Got a ton of calls, swam, BBQ'd, golfed, was Sick for a short while,( didn't eat breakfast Sunday morning and scarfed down three delicious cupcakes in HP quorum, sugar overdose I guess), had dinner with Mom and sister and family, started another page on Facebook, and even had time to make comments on a few posts on the MD DB, other forums and a ton of Blogs I read. Spent some quality time and relaxed!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Taylor's Elementary Graduation!

Taylor graduated from Elementary School last week. We were both able to attend. Taylor had received an invitation to the Graduation, meaning that she was to receive awards. It was interesting to see the parents that didn't attend because their children were not receiving awards. We bought Taylor a new outfit and Mom curled her hair. We were excited as Taylor stayed on the Honor rolls for K through 5th grades. She was always standing out in her academics, Student Council, G.A.T.E. and all her other activities. We are so proud of her. It was hard for me as it was the one year anniversary of my phone call from my Doctor with the shocking diagnosis. Never the less, after waiting for a her class (the last one of course) to get awards, I cautiously moved to an area where I could get pictures. Sandi and I were both shocked to see her name not called and not be able to go up and receive any awards, though we knew she was to receive them.

This is one of those times when even "Superman" Dad can't do anything. Unfortunately there are no "Do Overs" in school graduations. I felt a little confused and silly moving closer to get pictures, all for not. The office told us after Sandi called that it was an over sight. It was difficult for me to sit and watch her anxiously awaiting her name to be called only to not have it called. Sandi said she was crying after school and on the way home. She went straight to her room in tears as if she had disappointed us. It was one of those times that I had to give the old 'Daughter/Father' talk. All was good once I explained that she had nothing and no one to prove anything to but herself. We went out and had a great evening celebration.
She was definitely an over achiever all these years. We were so blessed to get the variance to the school. It is important for students to go to the same schools throughout, I was fortunate that way, even though Sandi was an Airforce Brat, she excelled in school and college as well.
We listed all her certificates and a few we left out as to not brag!

Tayor, you go into Jr. High School next year! Upwards and onwards, I say. We love you and are so proud of you. God Bless you!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"The Pool Light"

"Little Geek"

Sandra Chillin'

                                                                The "*#@* Pool light!

                  As a young man my father always taught me that if an Intelligent man could design and build something, an Intelligent man could fix them as well.  Apparently my father never changed a pool light before.  Now you have to remember I have usually just made a phone call and presto, he comes, fixes whatever and here is my Credit card number.  I decided three weeks ago to venture into the Pool cleaning and fixing up season.  Both the pool and hot tub lights were out.  The spa was a no brainer.  Simply empty the spa ( a neat little trick I learned by mistake a few years ago).  Since the service call to just come out, not including parts and labor was $98.00 I decided, this was something I could fix, a lesson learned two months ago when I paid nearly $200.00 for a repairman to come out and replace a fuse in our dryer.  OUCH!  I also allowed the pool to evaporate as much as a foot so that I wouldn't have to go into the cold water to take out the big light.  The hot tub bulb went from regular to Halogen, no worries.  Easy money.  Finally after an hour and a half I finagled the big light but was unable to replace it into it's hole and secure it due to it's new buoyancy.   So I found myself in 64 degree water screwing in the light.  I went to a concert that night and thought I would reward myself afterwards by flipping on my new pool lights when I got home after dark.
After the concert I flipped the switch and "nothing".  The circuit popped as usual.  I had had a problem screwing in the light bulb on the pool light, It ended up at an angle.  Being no pool expert I didn't know if that was normal as to reflect off the bottom of the pool.  The next weekend I fought the cold water and removed the pool light and re secured it after removing and re screwing in the bulb.  I learned quickly that this was a two man job and I had no business trying it myself.  The key was vice grips.  That seemed to help.  With the task complete, I flipped the switch and to my dismay the breaker popped again.  What now?  I decided that I would check the no brainer light in the hot tub just for fun and took it back out.  Sadly there was not only water in the canister but the new $8 halogen light had not only blown but was full of water as well.  Reluctantly I stopped by the pool store the next day after meetings and picked up a new seal for that light as well.  After replacing everything as per instructions I cautiously flipped the breaker and Eureka, the lights went on.  My excitement only lasted two days, as to my horror, the pool light appeared to have a small leak that looked like water slowly creeping up the inside of the canister.  But how could that be?  I'm not an electrician, but shouldn't the breaker pop when in contact with water?  So today, I dedicated myself  to "Pool" day.  I shut off the breakers again, pulled the pool light, and took it apart allowing it to dry out.  I then cleaned out all the filters and replaced them, then vacuumed the pool.  Sandi was wonderful enough to come and help me make a hard one man job simple.  The light went together like it was sent from the factory.  It came on bright, the pool was clean the water warm so we sent in "Little Geek" to work his magic while we went to a restaurant Sandi had wanted to go to that we hadn't been to in a few years.  The wind was blowing all day and after being gone for one and a half hours, there were pine needles and dirt in the pool again.  So, I dispatched Little Geek again and he cleaned the bottom in short order.  I had been reluctant to by a pool bottom cleaner for six years now, but since I got sick last year my energy level isn't what it used to be.  So vacuuming the pool three times a week didn't work for me anymore.  It's amazing what a $420.00 investment can do for ya!  After an 85 degree swim, I sat and picked off a few pigeons while Taylor and Sandi sat in the loungers and read.  I had had enough sun for one day and felt now like I had been in a three round MMA bout.  Never the less, the pool is back in top shape.  Now I just need to figure out how to stop this incessant wind.  It's getting worse and worse every year!