Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Big Horn Sheep Park"

Well after three tries this year and being told to come in June, Taylor and I ran up to Lake Mead to the infamous Big Horn sheep park. It's been there for over 25 years and the Big Horn travel down the Lake mountains and graze at the park..It's cool how they are docile and allow people to get pretty close before darting away...
Mom worked at the restaurant and I decided not to scower over 20 to 30 blogs today, (sometimes twice) so we went for a drive.
Taylor was excited and I was relieved when we pulled up to see about 100 sheep... grazing and minding their own business.
Taylor tried to pet them but they were too quick for her. I was wondering if they would stay docile and not charge her or others. I was prepared though, I was wearing my trusty butt pack with my equalizer on board just in case.
All in all it was a lot of fun... We stopped at BK and ate, then dropped by the restaurant to show mom the picks then spent an hour swimming and yes, cleaning the pool.. It's amazing how fast one can spend one hundred dollars on pool supplies...
Some friends came over to babysit Taylor until mom got home and the rest of us went to the Asia/Yes concert at the Thomas and Mack...
What a day... I slept in until 10:00, ran and got some doughnuts, came back home and slept for another three hours... I don't remember the last time in twenty years I've done that...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Congrat's in order?"

It's actually been over 48 hours since I have had to sweep, vacuum, scrape, add chlorine or dig rocks out of the pool... I checked with the landscapers, they couldn't help, the Bug guy couldn't help, the cleaning lady doesn't do pools.
How do people do it? Not one pool company in Las Vegas offers a route guy every two days...
Creepy crawly, cover, threats... where is all this wind coming from? Why did they have to line the major road behind my house with pine trees???

I'm calling the accountant today. I need a Form 1099!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Father's Day"

Well, we headed up to Utah Friday for what we thought was going to be a long two and a half days of fishing. We got in late, fired up the ToyHauler and checked out the property...
We got our licenses in St. George Friday night and was up and fishing at the crack of dawn Saturday... Sandi insisted we go to Panguitch lake (SP) where it was cold, windy and rainy. We tried several spots and gave up without a bite.
After a scenic drive through Zion and Brian Head, we went back and took a nap. After a few hours we decided to eat and go to Navajo lake to fish. We had a one day license and we stopped at KFC on hamburger row in Cedar City where it proceeded to pour rain. Refusing to give up I headed up the canyon to Navajo Lake in a down pour hoping it would clear up upon arrival. When we finally got there it cleared long enough for me to cast five times before the down pour continued. I wanted to stay and wait it out but Taylor kept poking her head out of the SUV and saying; "Daddy we need to Leave". This happened twice. We planned to stay Sunday and miss church where Taylor was scheduled to sing with her primary class. Sometimes we need to listen to the little one's cause the spirit leads them.
We decided to pack it in and go home Saturday night, and like magic everything cleared up just as we got back to the property...
Sandi had made up her mind that we were going home, so we did.
Sunday at church, Taylor et. al. went before the congregation and sang two songs... They they blew the dad's a big kiss. Dad's got a big Hersey chocolate bar for father's day.
As usual I left after the first meeting and went home to get the afternoon Father's day festivities started. We had BBQ ribs with all the trimmings. I was hoping I would beat my -7 on the WII golf game but it wasn't to be. I got two wonderful cards from Taylor, one she made and one she bought. She has her own money and is responsible these days.
All in all it was a trip down memory lane driving back from Utah... Little things, places and songs reminded me of happy times back in the early 80's and my college days... Traveling to Vegas with someone special. Good memory's.
Not a bad Father's Day... The one thing I vowed to be the best at of all!

"Summer Visit"

Taylor and Sandi enjoyed a wonderful week in Phoenix with Sandi's mother and relatives. They went to Big Surf, and the wild Animal park. They went swimming at Sandi's sisters with their big yellow setter. Taylor hung out with her cousin Sammy Jo.
We usually go to Vail this year but decided on other venues as Taylor did exceptionally will in school this year and was excepted immediately after the close of this year instead of the usual three month wait to see.
I stayed in LV and took care of other business dealings and got a chance to work in the yard, clean most of the garage, organize the food and emergency supplies and of course clean the pool.
It was anything but the relaxation I was expecting... With Puppy and Skeeter the cat,. we just hung out most of the time at night, catching up on some great movies...
They came back home safe and we immediately prepared for Father's Day up at the Utah Property... and lot's of fishing.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Got a couple of hours???

"The Obama Deception" full length... It was gut wrenching for me and I'm not usually effected by this stuff...The Obama Deception Full Length

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Taylor's G.A.T.E. class... eight from the right top row....
Las Vegas 51's baseball game... Cashman field..... Annual game.... Go 51's

We are at the end of another school year. Taylor did very well in all her courses. She was trying again to get the top award "The Golden Paw" but explained why she fell short. We are looking forward to a long hot summer. Taylor was recently accepted again to the school as she is on a variance from year to year and we usually do not know until the week before the start. The difference this year was probably due to Al's contributions to the school this year. We all try and participate in every function but this year, Al even put in some hours at a few of the Activities.
We enjoyed Memorial Day weekend in Utah, fishing and camping with family and friends. We are planning on taking Father's day and going back up for some more fishing. Even Taylor learned how to cast her own fishing pole.
Hopefully the cold season is behind us although the weather cannot seem to make up it's mind. Windy, overcast, dusty day in and day out while we await rain and moisture. We decided to skip Vail this year, Al wasn't too happy about that but we have decided to pursue other activities, Disneyland, Sea World and a few other places. This past six months have flown by and it's hard to believe the year is half over. With the different hours and shifts required to run the restaurant, we do the best we can in spending as much time together as possible.
Al wants to go to Salt Lake City, Utah on July 24, for the Pioneer celebrations they have. He told me that during his College years he would go up and watch the fireworks and festivities. We will most likely stop at Rubio's and the Spaghetti factory at Trolley Square while we are there. Those are two of our favorites. We also stop at the planetarium and this time hopefully the zoo.
Taylor has been visiting a bunch of web sites and found Brain to be somewhat overloading. We had to keep her restricted to certain times and minutes she could be on as it was conflicting with her sleep. Her little mind is like a sponge and sometimes it gets a bit too much.
Taylor and I are going to my mom's in Phoenix this weekend. Al worked for three days on a damaged door on his Jet and spent almost three hours on Friday with mechanics putting on a new skin and adapting the new parts so that it would have the proper alignment and seal.
He will be staying in Vegas taking care of business and preparing for Taylor to get some braces on her teeth... We started last November but were not satisfied with the Doctor and switched.
It's amazing how many teeth have come out in the past six months or so.
We are proud of Taylor. She is always making, drawing or painting something. With no brothers or sisters to play with she is always coming up with new projects. I tease her about owning her own business one day. TMF Enterprises... It is her first and two middle names. She is named after my fathers mother and my mothers mother, Mary and Frances, too good Catholic names. (I grew up Catholic until I was 21.) Al wanted make her middle name after an old college flame, but the agreement was that if a girl TMF, and if a boy he could name him the fourth.
We are looking forward to this summer, swimming, traveling and BBQ's. The fourth of July is near and we picked up a bunch of fireworks last month. We usually get together with my Brother and light them all off.
Al is spending his time cleaning the pool several times a week. He calls it a second job... Taylor loves to swim.
We are looking forward to Taylor's 4th grade year. She is surely God's precious gift!!!
by Sandi Lane

"Pelosi" 421A

"Has anyone ever considered the possibility that this woman is seriously mentally Ill??? "
Responses from those please with an IQ higher than their shoe size.....

Friday, June 5, 2009

"Facebook" quiz

Al completed the quiz "What Wild Animal Are You? " with the result You are the Owl.
You are very independent and wise. You spend your free time reading or thinking. You never speak without thinking through what you are going to say thoroughly. You have an opinion of most everything and are very good at arguing. You are the person people look to when they need advice. You are very independent and love being alone. You have an organized lifestyle and are extremely observative. You can be moody, but you are a pretty calm and generous individual..

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Possibility or Probability?"

Is it possible for a man to be fully responsible for another mans happiness, yet the other man cannot show his gratitude in return, or give thanks, or perhaps share with him in his happiness, for fear of the Probability it will lead to the destruction and demise of all of the present joy in his life???