Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Tivoli Village"

          Taylor and Sandi went shopping at the new High end shopping center that open earlier this year.  Not sure if they bought anything though!  At least not for me!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Happy Anniversary"

Sandi, Taylor and I enjoyed dinner lastnight at the Restaurant celebrating 15 years of Marriage!  Ah, and they said it couldn't be done!  Happy Anniversary Sandi !  Your loving Husband!  Anniversary Pic's at the City Center!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

"It must be in the name" UPDATE

                                                            Me, Gary, Sandi and Taylor
         Last Tuesday, Taylor surprised me and Sandi when she came home from school with the following announcement!  After finally getting used to her class schedule, Taylor notified us that she had been advanced to four out of five (Band doesn't count) accelerated classes, Science, Math, English and Writing, if I remember correctly.  We celebrated by her choosing Raising Cane's for dinner!  She spent nearly three hours at church Saturday working on Achievement day projects.  We are so very proud of her!  Keep up the good work.  Can't wait to do that Trumpet duet and have your "New" uncle Gary sit in on the Drums?  We met Gary and a good friend for dinner at P.F. Chang's and then went to the Cheese Cake factory afterwards.  We hadn't seen Gary in 13 years.   Gary is one of Sandi's first Bosses when she was 21 and managed a huge chain  Pizza Company, Peter Piper Pizza.  Gary, a former Bishop in the LDS church would leave books of Mormon on his counters at the store.  Gary, and Stan Neilson were partners and when Stan started the chain if Las Vegas, he called Sandi to transfer to Las Vegas and help run his largest store.  Stan would tease Sandi about meeting a nice LDS man and get married.  Sandi told Stan one day that if God wanted her to meet and marry a good LDS man, that he would walk right through the front doors of the Pizza Store.  Not only did we meet at Pistol Pete's Pizza, using the intercom system to call guests to pick up there orders, and in front of about 300 Pizza goers I asked Sandi to marry me, followed by a large standing ovation and cheers.  (Startled the heck out of me).  Gary baptized Sandi when she was 22 years old.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This looks good! The Joseph Smith Story!

I think we are going to go see this, it looks good, the trailors were well done.

Bye Bye Tony, (I hope)

        I have been telling my wife for five years now, Tony Romo is super overrated.  Man am I going to get it if she see's this post!  yipes!!!

It must be the name "Lane"

               We received Taylor's first progress report this week.  We are so proud of her!  On top of Piano concerts, Trumpet Band and other school activities she is still an Academic master!   Although we took school pictures I managed to get this one off her school ID card.  We pondered all year as to send Taylor to "Middle School", a term some Left Wing nut job came up with no doubt.  A real esteem enhancer!  Yeah, my student is going to Middle School next year!  What is Middle School?  Somewhere between where I think I've been and where I hope I'm going?  Yeah right!  So we researched the differences.  Apparently "Middle School" is more of the Touchy-Feely atmosphere and we wanted Taylor to go to an Academic School. We were encouraged to send her to a Jr. High School as she Tested in the top percentage of Clark County Students over all.  I have had to help her in her Math classes as Sandi the normal Math standout in the Family works several nights a week at the Restaurant so I get to fill in, it's like working on the MBA all over again sometimes as I have spent hours researching how to do Six Grade Math.  No I'm not smarter than a Six Grader!  Open house was a blast this year!  I was chosen to be a Campus WatchDog!  Should be fun!  Were looking forward to Taylor's Band concerts and other achievements.  For security reasons we have hidden some of the information.  She is still getting used to the extra Security around her!  Note the Teachers comments!    We are so proud!  I'm still hoping she chooses BYU for College and Graduate school.