Sunday, August 7, 2011

Relaxing Saturday!

Taylor is warning me to not get too close or else, splash!, I'm going in too, camera and all!

Chillin' on the raft!

Taylor and Daphine playing in the pool!

Sandi Multi-tasking!

Friday night, we went out with Cecile, Rob and Mihrena and her little sister to see, the Rise of the Planet of the apes. Saturday, Taylor's Friend Daphine came over for the whole day and played and swam, enjoyed Pizza and enjoyed each others company. Daphanie and Mihrena will be going to Middle schools this next year, Taylor will be attending Jr. High School so they keep in touch with each other on their cell phones, calling, texting and sharing photo's. It was a fun relaxing day. I finally figured out how to keep the pool clean from algae this summer. Finally!