Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sorry Teddy!

If I could have made it to Massachusetts I would have been in line behind this guy at your headstone and 2 million other residents of the State of Massachusetts. Sorry about your Senate seat going to a real American.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Nevada test site Museum"

Last week we went to the Nevada Test Site Museum here in LV. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside. We did go to the gift shop and into another room filled with pictures. I recommend it to everyone.

"Honoring my Father"

My father passed away in 1985. I will really just starting my life back then, I was active duty in the Marine Corps. Dad never really got to see how the family turned out. Dad was a fire chief at Nellis AFB for 35 years. His celebrated career was filled with his respected stature in the community. I remember how proud I was of him when he would come to our Grade School during Fire Prevention week in his Chief's uniform. My dad had a wall full of Certificates, twice he pulled Pilot's out of crashed Military Jets while the aircraft were engulfed in flames. After he retired, he went to work at the Nevada Test Site. Once I received my Q2 Clearance at HMX-1 we were able to share stories. My youngest brother and I had heard that they had placed a plaque in my Dad's honor at Area 51. No one could confirm that. One day my youngest brother met a Lt. Col at an American Legion Veteran's day function. This gentleman facilitated a ride for he and my brother to go to the cite. Dad, like me went by "Al". I think this is the reason they used A. for his middle name instead of H his actual middle initial.
Brad was able to take two pictures from a camera handed to him. He was later sent a wonderful letter and a Declassified CD-R with the pictures. I would like to share it with you on my blog.
My Dad was my hero... I would like to honor him in this new Year of Our Lord, 2010....