Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, it turned out not going to the Condo in Vail, Co. wasn't all that big of a deal this year. Since we did get in several fishing trips in So. Utah at the property this year, Disneyland was on the Agenda. It's not the same in Vail with out my Father-in-Law who passed away a few years ago. Fishing is always good but never the same. I lucked out in the Mother-in-Law department. They don't come any better than the one I have... She's the best. I wish she could have come with is this year as she spent the week before we left visiting with us up here. I felt bad not attending Mass with her as I usually do. Next time.

We headed down to Disneyland Friday evening and I had to use GPS instruments (IFR) the entire way due to the fog and traffic, got checked into the hotel, and decided to get started right away. The night flew by and we decided to get up around seven a.m. to get a fresh start on the day. Disneyland was much more fun this year than four years ago, it wasn't nearly as crowded and the place was much "lighter" than the last time, mostly with European tourists, and alot of Asians as well. I was able to strike up a short conversation with a Viet Namese immigrant in the "Raiders of the lost Arc" ride (in Viet Namese) as he didn't speak a word of English. The ride was well worth it. We spent 5 hours in the morning, went to the hotel and ate and slept then returned for the evening and six more hours of walking and riding.

The next day Sunday, we went back at the "Magic Morning" at Disneyland where for the second time in four years, "Splash Mountain" was not operating...then to the California Adventure Park again for the day. I didn't ride much but enjoyed the sights. We went on the water ride twice, got soaked, the Hotel of Terror or whatever they call that place, (It got my attention) but the most fun was the "California Screemin' roller coaster... What a trip, as this contraption catapults you from ground zero (Electromagnetically) to 80 MPH up this incline in six seconds. Reminiscent of being catapulted off a U.S. Aircraft Carrier in an FA-18 Hornet... OMG... I also got to talk brush up alot on my Spanish while I was there as a lot of the help were bi-lingual.

We watched the "Parade of Lights", what an over all blast for the three days... Money seemed to be no object with Taylor and Sandi. I was more frugal and only purchased the little pins that go on their (I didn't get one, see photo's) admission necklaces you received when you get the package deal. We were all exhausted, I felt really bad for Taylor, nearly 15 hours of walking in three days... She and Sandi were spent and slept the entire way back... It took me four days before my legs to stop aching... Back to my mountain bike training...

Were going to Sea World and Universal Studio's next summer...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Kennedy Dead"

Edward Kennedy, the "Lion" of the Senate? Yeah, right! Go pound sand up someone elses..........

The angels descended upon Massachusetts today and Flushed a Toilet full of 47 years of crap called Edward Kennedy... AOL on their pop up page asked the question? "Who is going to step up for Ted Kennedy"? Well I went to Disneyland last weekend and talked with Goofy and he said he wasn't real busy due to the economy and would be willing to "Step Up" in Teddy's place with the following "Caveat":

He wouldn't be giving anything away to the illegal aliens infesting this great country, sopping up our education, medical and prison systems in the future. He insisted he wouldn't degrade our brave Military personnel in harms way, ie; "Abu Ghrib". He wouldn't be interested in giving all the deviant queers, gays, faggots et; al the title of "Married" but would offer counseling to all of them. Goofy also promised that if he accidentally drowned someone at Splash Mountain, he wouldn't wait 17 hours to tell anyone...or disgrace his religion by being pro-abortion killing innocent lives and finally he promised to not rub in the "Little people's" faces his riches and successes afforded him by all the ignorant moron's living in California by re-electing him over and over in order to get handouts of decent taxpaying citizens hard work.

Thanks Goofy, we will definitely look into your Senate run.

I've often wondered how long Mary Coppechanee suffered as she drowned. Well, let's just hope that this cesspool senator's lasted the whole 17 months...

Good riddin's dirt bag!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Home Is Where The Heart Is" A play about Kirstin

(Taylor Lane, playing Marta and Elisabeth)

(Yellow Ribbon for playing a lead part in the play)

( The young Cast members prior to going on stage)

(A great crowd enjoyed dinner and dessert )

( Emma and Taylor, best friends, played the two top lead roles)

After months of practice and hard work, the children, present and former of my Adopted little sisters day care gathered in the Stake Center for there annual summer play. This one as expected went off without a hitch. Last years was done in her front room with 50 people crammed into this hot little space.

This year the LDS church graciously allowed the family's to bring "potluck" dinner to the auditorium prior to the play. Dinner was blessed and enjoyed by all.

The children acted their little hearts out. This are children anywhere from 10 to 4 years old.

My hat went off to them as we enjoyed an evening of special little children giving it there all.

Taylor had the toughest part doing a duel part. She played one character in the beginning and and after act 4 and dying, she played another part. We are so very proud of her... She never ceases to amaze us.... We are very blessed.
Kudo's to Matt and Carrie as they pulled off another stellar performance with their direction and special spirits... Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Wii Golf"

Well, I finally tied the wife on the Wii Golf game.... She wasn't too happy about it either!

We are both tied at -8. On the next game I missed an easy Eagle shot on the 9th hole by 1.7 feet to go to -9... Probably a good thing I didn't make it.. Disneyland next week wouldn't have been much fun!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Perseid" Meteor Shower

Taylor and I got up at around 4:00 A.M. Wednesday morning to watch the Meteor shower called the Perseid meteor shower. I suppose that due to the moon being out and the city lights glowing in the City that never sleeps, we were only able to see a handful of Meteors shooting through the skies.
I got up again this morning and sat by the pool with Puppy and again only saw a handful of Meteors shooting across the skies. Next time we will be there with bells on and most likely at the Utah property where at anytime the skies are incredibly awesome to watch late at night. You can see almost every star and constellation created...

Still it was a good experience for Taylor and I.. And we didn't even fall in the pool!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.

Albert Einstein

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Cody Bolan, up and coming star #331 Watch him!!!!
Taylor Bolan looks on while Motocross Star brother Cody makes final adjustments to his Honda 250!

#331 Team Bolan flashes by turn one. (HeyI need a faster camera)

Joe Bolan (red cap) prepares the starting line for the next heat.

The last of the riders cross the finish line to victory lane!
Last Friday night, I was invited out to Sandy Valley Motocross arena in Sandy Valley to watch several classes of riders anywhere from six years old to 46 years old exhibit their motorcycle riding skills up and down the jumps at the arena. I was met there by my sister in law Kelly Bolan and was escorted by Taylor Bolan, younger sister of up and coming rider, Cody Bolan who showed his expertise in easily winning in his class and out distancing all the other riders by several second as he blew across the finish line.
This was my first real experience at a live show other than the Sam Boyd Stadium several years ago.. This was up close and I was able to visit the pit area where Taylor Bolan explained to me the ropes, what to expect and really seamed to know her stuff. She told me she was just starting in the sport and earning her wings.
It's a family affair in Sandy Valley, home of Joe, Kelly, Cody and Taylor Bolan who several years ago, chose a smaller, quieter and cozier town to raise their children. While building there new home, Joe and Kelly have been active in the entire Sandy Valley Motocross experience. While Kelly keeps score among other things, husband Joe pretty much has his hands in every aspect of the races.
It was fun having Taylor escort me around and explain the ins and outs of racing and mostly the rules, while brother Cody warmed up his Honda 250 for his winning run. It was interesting to see how a 14 year old can toss fear aside for a thrilling exhibition in jumps, turns and riding skills. Although starting the evening off ill and hurling before warm ups and his first heat, he blew away the competition in his final heat!
This is nothing new, Cody has been riding for many years and experience has paid off.
This kid is on his way to the top. Next thing you know, he will be doing triple flips on national TV.
Thanks Sis and Bro for the experience and the fun.... I'll be more prepared next time with drinks and snacks and hopefully bring the rest of the family out for a great evening of exciting fun.
Cody you Rock dude! ROCK ON!