Monday, September 27, 2010

"Another year of Student Council, Congrat's Taylor!"

             We went out after school to the restaurant to celebrate Taylor's victory for winning Student Council for the second straight year.  This year Taylor's classmates unanimously elected her to the 5th grade Student Council where she will continue to show her leadership talents at her school....

"NASCAR" Truck races

                 Saturday night a bunch of us met at the NASCAR raceway here in Las Vegas and watched a night full of racing and flying.  Before the race, they introduced the drivers.  During the National Anthem, two Combat Ready F-22 Raptor's surprised us with a flyby.  The crowd erupted!  It was awesome.  I did manage to hear them coming back by and caught the second Raptor chasing the other on straight up before the crowd.  I decided to wear my Shooting ear gear this year so I wouldn't have my patented headache after the race from the extreme noise.  After the  race Steve and I grabbed some "In and Out" burgers on the way home.  No traffic and only one fight!
                Nice and quiet for a change.  And of course a very generous THANK YOU, Lori for the surprise stack of tickets.  I managed to use all but two.  Your the best.  Saw many people I knew there.  Fun night.  Cell calls and texting was miserable as usual.  I managed to have the Church Scout Leader drop off my huge generator at a neighbors house as Taylor and Sandi went to the movies.  Ha! Truck Races, no girls allowed......

"Taylor's 1st Football game"

          Taylor took me to her first High school football game.  Our Family friends son was playing on the JV team.  We ate dinner and went to the High School.  When we got there Taylor surprised me by paying for the tickets after I was told I wasn't allowed to "Carry" on School property and had to briefly return to the car.
When I came back, Taylor purchased a new Jersey to wear and refreshments with her own money.  Kind of a Daddy, Daughter night out.  We left at halftime to make another commitment.  It was fun and we won.
She was particularly interested in watching the cheerleaders.  She's growing up!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Dinner on Taylor"

                         For taking Taylor to her school PTA fundraiser she surprised me tonight by fixing my favorite "Poi" soup, aka Top Ramen.  Sandi had to close the restaurant tonight so Tay and I hung out.  I was chillin' playing Wii Golf when she yelled; "Soup's on!"... Delicious... They grow up so fast!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Mia's Blessing"

             We were able to attend two Church services with family and friends today!  Ours and my  "Little Sister's" (adopted by me) service where they recently returned from China and adopted a little girl.
The place was packed and was one of the biggest Blessing Circles I've seen.  The LDS Church offers new Born's a blessing much like the Catholics Baptize at birth..
A lot of people there.... Good services!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Bingo Night" at School

Most of the Regular PTA staff was there.  We have followed them for six years now!

We sat with Anthony and Stacy, Shane and Carrie's daughter Sidney, and Ms. VanKell, a long time friend and  Teacher at the school!

Everyone got in line early to get the goodies.

And the first number is?

Taylor goofs around while Dad gets his shoes on!
                                                                   "Let's go do this!" 

                      Taylor and I headed to her school for "Bingo" night.  They passed out Bingo boards and free popcorn and candy, drinks and other goodies.  The PTA was on it's annual membership push.  It was a two hour ordeal for me with screaming elementary students.  I got a great headache.  People were starting to leave around 7:30, mostly because the prizes were pretty "cheesy".  I donated a $250.00 gift certificate on the final ("cover all") game.  No one else left till it was over.  A little 3rd grader won the Grand Prize Certificate.  I met the family afterwards.  It was a blast but I was more than ready to get out of there and go home to bed... Getting old is Hell!  The restaurant was too busy for Sandi to get there  and enjoy the fun with us.  Next time!

"Labor Day"

Waiting for everyone to arrive.

Waiting for the Grill to heat up!

Taylor and Sandi found extra time to play with the "Magic Eye" books

Checkin' the BBQ

Being Sassy!

Lauren discusses unruly customers she dealt with at work!

Criss decided to chill by soaking his feet!
                              Steve sits pondering, when will my homemade Ice cream be done?

                  We all got together (family only)  at Steve's house on Labor Day.  He recently returned from Afghanistan with the DOD.
We brought over some thick steaks, the first for me in a long while, Steve Q'd em up nice.  No one felt like swimming but we talked about everything we could until late and Taylor had to get ready for school.  It's good to see Steve back.  Hopefully he won't want to go again for another year, hopefully none of us will have to be there anymore.
Lauren prepared the rest of the dinner, and I thanked Steve for burning me his complete Dokken library.
I guess Halloween is next?

"Til the Morning Comes"

YouTube - Paul Anka & Peter Cetera Hold Me 'Til The Morning Comes

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

"Mad Max" and the Arizona Card's

               My cousin Marks son, Max Hall showed his mettle with the Arizona Card's this past pre-season.
Staying focused and tough, Max signed as the back up to Derick Anderson...  Great work Cuz!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Day of School, last year of Elementary

Taylor entered Fifth Grade this week.  We are so proud of her.  Time fly's  by when your enjoying life.  We are looking forward to her continued good work with the G.A.T.E. program, Student Council, Drama projects and other endeavours.  Good luck Sweetheart.  We are so proud of you!

The Museum of Natural History

         While Sandi had to work all day at the Restaurant,  Taylor and I went all over Vegas and ended up at the Museum of Natural History.  This at one time was our weekly Saturday adventure.  But as Taylor has grown, her interests have changed, but after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper, we decide to give it another visit.  Taylor went into the "Projects" room and went to work.  It was a fun day and afterwards we joined Sandi at the Restaurant for lunch.  Taylor and I swam and played around in the Hot tub.  A fun relaxing day.  One I needed!

New Chapel Dedication!

           We were able to go with my Mom to Church today, something I wasn't sure was going to happen again these past few months.  I spoke, only to enjoy seeing many people in the Congregation that I had grown up with, in the new chapel that was recently rebuilt on the sight of the Original chapel that I was raised in.  A homecoming of sorts.  Mom seemed very fragile today but I was honored to be there with her and speak about her during the talk.   It was fun to see everyone!  It's a beautiful Stake Center now.   I told Mom when she feels even better she had the Challenge to go to the Temple with Sandi and I.  I was a proud Son today.