Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Is it Summer yet?"


Friday, April 15, 2011

"Golf, Misc, The almost Perfect Day!

Taylor, at the Easter Egg Hunt

Sandi after a long Drive.  (and my stupid glove in the way)


        Sandi surprised me today by booking 18 Holes of Golf at the Boulder City Golf Course.  We started the day by dropping off Taylor at her last day of School before Spring Break.  It was "Camo" day. Everyone dressed up in their favorite Camouflage attire.  We then finished up some banking and headed up to the Links in Boulder City.  We were fortunate to get hooked up with a couple of great guys in a foursome.  The course was awesome, the day was beautiful and I got fried like a Crab in a steam pot.  Sandi had her best day in forever that I can remember.  I had my usual, one step above Wii Golf, only the real deal.  The cashier remembered me from all the years of the American Legion Golf tournaments and bumped us up way ahead of our Tee Time.  You couldn't have asked for a more peaceful, beautiful day.  Our team mates John and Don were the consummate Gentlemen, yes, what a pleasure, Thanks a ton guys, you made it all worth the five hours of baking in the Sun.  Don, nice Chip in!!!
We headed back to Vegas just in time to pick up Taylor from her school for spring break.  We didn't think we would get there in time but made it with time to spare.
We went home, cleaned up and headed to the Green Valley Hotel and Casino where we used three V.I.P. Tickets to the "Feast" Buffet, I was given by a good friend who works there.  I stuffed myself with BBQ ribs and anything else I could get my hands on.  We stopped at the store and picked up the newest Harry Potter DVD and spent the rest of the night relaxing.  I fell asleep!  May have just overdone it a bit.  We ended up the Night watching Americas Funniest Home Videos. 
The other pics are of Taylor and friends at an Easter Egg Hunt, and at her School Carnival where I spent three straight hours running the huge inflated obstacle course.  That was interesting.  Hundreds of kids running around and me helping them up over the tough spots.  Tiring. 
Today was the closest thing to a Perfect day I have had in a long long time. 
Here are most of the pics, the others are linked to my FaceBook page.  Enjoy!

Friday, April 1, 2011

"$75 Bucks !!!

          We decided to go up to Brian Head, Saturday and spend the day tubing, head back to St. George and have a little Pizza Factory before returning home.  I have our house guest taking care of several incidentals needed around the house.
I stopped at the cheapest gas station I could find, and it took $75 dollars to fill up the SUV.  On top of that I will have to top off in St. George before coming home. 
If we had a "real" president that had a pair, we would be drilling at home and only paying .65 cents a gallon.  But I digress!
   I had to top off in Cedar City, another $30.00 in gas, and with breakfast and then lunch it made for an interesting day.  We stopped off at the property in New Harmony and I checked out everything.  Most of the snow was gone and it looked like I was the first human being to walk ever in that area.  On to St. George, since the Durango has a somewhat antiquated GPS system and we didn't have the Garmin with us we decided to find the "Pizza Factory" in town rather than the usual RedCliffs restaurant.  I decided to use my cell phone. Understand that is an expensive phone that has App in it you can get and I have everything but the FA-18 Super Hornet simulator.  The wife is working this thing while I'm driving and tells me that it is in fact on the south side of St. George.  We ended up somewhere between St. George and Santa Clara, I think at some hole in the wall "Pizza Factory" on Sunset Blvd.  After getting instructions to locate the well hidden restrooms, I sauntered over to our table.  I noticed a woman at the table who looked up at me and smiled, her eyes wide as if to say "hello" I know you... I said hello back several times and she then looked puzzled.  I asked if her name was Linda and she replied no.  Boy, did I feel like the idiot.  Never the less, she was sitting with 8 or 9 elderly people and I proceeded to inform them as to why I had called the meeting, puzzled they all looked at me like, who is this guy?  I began to ask if this was the only other Pizza Factory in the county and thy exclaimed that there was one just off the main street in St. George near the Brigham Young home.  I was mad.  But I learned a valuable lesson about my cell phone navigation app.  If you business is doing well and your not advertising, your not on the Nav system.  That's how we ended up at this little whole in the wall with every old person in the universe.  Never the less, the food was good and we headed back to Vegas.  The girls laid down in the back and watched the Yogi bear video.  Naturally the headphones we left back at home so I had to run the sound through the stereo system.  Fortunately having been through this exact torture driving to and from our Condo in Vail, Co., I had brought my Ipod along.  It was only a matter of, would the movie be over before my Ipod with a low battery die before the movie ended.  We came home, it was a good trip.  We all unloaded the SUV and headed to some R&R then off to bed.  A great fun day.... I love Utah!