Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Memorial Day"

        Sandi, Taylor and I took my Mom to all the cemetery's where we placed flowers on all of the family graves. We ran into her sister Shirley, (my Aunt) what are the odds?   We took some pictures, here they are.  Mom has lost most of her memory and at 87 she still does well.  I got the sense that this might be her final trip this year as her health is continuing to get worse and worse every month.  It will seem very different going with out her every year as I have enjoyed doing so for the past 26 years since Dad passed.  We took Mom out to dinner and then to my house for awhile then home.  It was a good day.  We were all tired.  God Bless you Mom... We Love you!


Monday, May 23, 2011

"Celebrity Apprentice"

Early on I was a big fan favorite of John Rich, former bass player and vocalist for one of my favorite Country Bands, "Lone Star" to win this years Celebrity Apprentice! A maticulous, sharp, attention to detail guy, John kept his cool throughout the entire series taking on every task with Class and his Journeyman like demeanor. The clincher was when Def Leapord didn't show and he went out and Vamped. The nicest compliment was that my wife said he reminded her of me. It was tough staying up and watching but well worth it. I never watch TV as a rule, news mostly, computer a lot. This was worth the wait. Congrat's John. Your a great Artist, Man and Leader!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

" 11 years old"


We spent Saturday afternoon with Taylor and several of her friends for her eleventh Birthday party at Sunset Station Casino.  The Girls bowled for about an hour and then stuffed themselves with Pizza, afterwards enjoyed "Big Time Rush" cake and opened presents. Sandi Mother was in town for Taylor's Birthday and for Lauren's internment at the Boulder City Veteran's park.   After the bowling party, the girls headed home and I stayed for the second week in a row to see "Dokken & Quiet Riot", last week it was "Slaughter & Great White".  The day before, I dropped off a ton of cupcakes at the school office for her class and staff.  Wednesday, she celebrated again at Carrie's and made another haul of gifts and Sunday after church we went to my mother's and her and Aunt Linda had purchased a cake and had gifts galore.  Taylor had more like a wonderful Birthday week. 

Multi-Cultural Night at School

     I went with Taylor to her annual Multi-Cultural Night at school for the final year.  The Students spent weeks and weeks preparing for the different cultures and nations.   Taylor spent the better part of three nights at home putting together the project and the rest of her class did the final research at school.  We made our rounds and visited most of the old teacher she had and Staff.  We went to the restaurant after and had dinner.
Hard work comes to fruition.  We are proud of you Taylor!  Next up Jr. High School !!!