Sunday, November 30, 2008


Congratulations Taylor L. Fourth straight year of straight "A" Honor roll. Top of her class and only straight "A" student with a variance to the School...
Go Coyote's... Love, Mom & Dad

Friday, November 28, 2008

"Cove Fort" Utah

Pondering how hard the Pioneers and early church members toiled at Cove Fort for the asking of the church leaders, I thought of how now nearing the "last days"
we too would be required to toil on a remote property, raising food, surviving and waiting for the return of our Father in Heaven... It seems now with the General Election over, we are headed in that direction...
We had the opportunity to travel a lot this year.... It's fun when you can meet up with family and spend time together. We decided since this year Taylor L turned the big eight years old we would make a few impromptu visits to Utah my second home. We decided to go to SLC for a couple of days the first time mostly just to get away... Getting away from Las Vegas is always a good thing for me, if it's going to SLC, Provo, or up the the property near Cedar City... Gee, I'll go to St. George if that's all it takes.
Our first trip was for fun... We spent a bunch of time going through Temple Square, we had asked for General Conference tickets late last year and was typically put on hold. I wasn't holding my breath on this one, but I thought it would be the icing on the cake to go a few months after Taylor L's Baptism. After Temple square, we went to the Clark Planetarium. What a hoot. Winging it for a few hours we decided to go see the "Night Vision" show. Wow, talk about feeling insignificant in the universe. It left me with a rare, awed and uneasy feeling... We saw a glimpse of the Hubble telescope in a black area and when close up in a pin point saw millions of galaxies that were millions of light years across. Talk about humbling... So much for the grain of sand on the beach theory.
More like a quark in an atom... Maybe. It definitly gave a whole new meaning the term; "being cast out"...
Never the less, I didn't sleep much that night. It was cold, it was the end of February.. We were going to the Hoogle Zoo the next morning and the " This is the Place" monument. We ate an early breakfast and headed up to the monument. Talk about freezing? Where did the cold come from?
We never made it to the zoo. Another time perhaps. We did stop at Rubio's on 21st south and somewhere east. Sandi opened up that restaurant way back when. It's only one of a few in Utah she opened that are still going.. I hated it when she was gone opening up new stores... Never the less we headed back to Las Vegas near noon time. We stopped at a little place called Cove Fort just north of Filmore. There was a brief movie and then a quick tour. We met an older sister missionary, and she told us about the open house on August 1st or there abouts. We promised we would return... And we did. It was fun to see her and talk again... We had to look her up as she was wearing a pioneer outfit..
The rest of the trip went by fast... Up and back in one day... 8 hours to be exact..
I must have had a tail wind. My car was getting around 41 MPG at 80MPH... Not too shabby. Our SUV only gets 18 MPH.
It was a fun day... We learned a lot and vowed to return in August. And we did.
We took a few pictures at the open house, rode around in an open wagon with two huge black horses. It was a blast....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"The Camel and the Tent"

Tell me I'm wrong?
Book of Revelations.....

Ah, as promised I would indite upon the title in an effort to expel the direction of the current pulse of this country. Hence the Camel and the Tent. As we anticipate the "Change" that is about to deluge the citizens of America I can't help but think back to the entitled post.
During a powerful and frigid blizzard, and after pitching his yurt for the night, an Arab sat comfortably near a fire within his confines enjoying the warmth and quiet. Not long after, the Arab's camel poked his large nose into the door slit of the tent and quietly beseeched the Arab to allow him to keep his nose with in the warm tent so that he may be comforted from the blizzard outside. The Arab of course agreed. After about an hour, again the Camel implored the Arab to perhaps just put his head inside the tent. That would be all he needed to be comforted by the warmth, and be enabled to have a restful night. The Arab agreed austerely, that only his head be allowed into the warm and delightfully comfortable yurt.
After another passing of time, the Camel again, began to entreat upon the Arab that if only he could just put his front two legs within the tent he would surely then become warm and rested for the night. Reluctantly the Arab wanting to be pliant, allowed the Camel to place his front two legs and head and nose into the tent with strict conditions that he were to not be disturbed further.
As the night grew colder and colder, the unmindful Camel again requested that if he could just put his two back legs into the tent that he could enjoy the warmth and comfort being enjoyed by his master the Arab. Roiled the Arab objected but the persistent Camel forced himself into the warm and comfortable tent forcing the Arab outside into the Blizzard creating no area for the Arab to climb back in and stay warm. Hence the Arab unprepared and not acclimated for the bitter cold weather died....
The Moral of the story: If you continue to give unconditionally that of which you have worked hard to obtain, the recipient will continue to take, then become pushy then demanding in their wants until you have given up all that you have worked for and earned.
This I have already observed in only the few weeks since the general election. Interacting with the African-America community at the work place, stores and other establishments, all the years of getting just a little more and a little more of what they didn't earn, or work for, has left them with the disposition of Entitlement.... Now, they feel they are no longer the minority in this country with their new President and everyone is to take a back seat to their wants and needs.
I recently was a personal victim of this behavior. I was told to remove a graphic from a vehicle that I owned. When I refused, the African-American enlisted the aid of his Company management to tell me to remove the graphic. After being explained the laws and rights of the 1st Amendment, the employee brooded for almost two weeks. Upon my arrival to the company again, this employee left his assigned post of employment and proceeded to break out my rear back glass from my car... The Employee was later terminated. What a shame. But more so noticed by many people of all creeds, colors and races that it was no longer about wanting, it was about demanding. It was about entitlement.
After the inauguration in January of 2009, this country will enter into an era of contention never seen in America. Race tensions will escalate and escalate... Prepare yourselves, build up your food storage's. Gather and assemble your survival equipment, clothing, supplies. God help us if some whack case does a Harvey Oswald on this President Elect.
Pray and be safe.... Prepare!!!! Http://

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Major" the Sheepdog....

                         "My Daddy is a SheepDog!" When my daughter Taylor L started to get older and aware and once upon finishing nightly prayers, she asked me if I would close her closet doors. "It scares me when they are open at night" . I would ask her why and she would tell me because she was afraid of Monster's. Monsters I would ask? There is no such thing as Monsters I would reassure her... But Daddy, I would feel better if they were closed. She would again ask me questions about who was protecting us at night? Were there angels in our house? Did the spirit of the Holy Ghost stay and protect us? I would say yes sweet heart, that is why we say our prayers. Well what are the angels names Daddy? At three and four years old I would tell her that the angels were like everyone else in God's eyes that is that we are all brothers and sisters. That God sent our brother and sister angels to protect us. Their names were Brother Smith, and Brother Wesson, Brother Colt, Brother Barretta, and sister Leuopold. But what if they don't stop the Monsters daddy, what happens then.
I looked my little precious gift from God in the eyes and said, then honey, they have to go through me... And thats when things get pretty ugly. Daddy, are you still a Marine? Sure I said, comfortingly, "Once a Marine, always a Marine" but I don't wear a uniform anymore honey, so I'm really a sheepdog. Some people are wolfs, some are Sheepdogs and some are just sheep.
Whats a sheepdog daddy? Well, first I will have to give you a smaller sheepdog for when daddy isn't home or is going to be in late. He will be there when I'm not. So we went to the "Build a Bear" outlet near our home and I helped her to pick out a Welsh Sheepdog. (See Picture). We named him "Major".. She put in his heart, made a wish that we would be protected always and that the angels would always be there to help "Major" when we got home. She carefully picked out his outfit, dressed him and registered him. She proudly carried him home and stopped off at the resturant to show mom, at home after a short talk, she fell fast to sleep on the couch...
Just before closing her eyes she asked me; Daddy? Why are you a Sheepdog?
I told her a story with the help of the following. Enjoy!!!
Sheep, Wolves & Sheepdogs >my daughter asked me one day why I wanted to be a Marine. Here is an essay about our broken society. Take the time to read it thoroughly--you will enjoy it. It may be that you are, simply, a sheep. There's no dishonor in being a sheep as long as you know and accept what you are. Most of the people in our society are sheep. They are kind, gentle, productive creatures who can only hurt one another by accident. We may well be in the most violent times in history, but violence is still remarkably rare. This is because most citizens are kind, decent people who are not capable of hurting each other, except by accident or under extreme provocation. They are sheep. Then there are the wolves and the wolves feed on the sheep without mercy. Do you believe there are wolves out there who will feed on the flock without mercy? You better believe it. There are evil men in this world and they are capable of evil deeds. The moment you forget that or pretend it is not so, you become a sheep. There is no safety in denial. Then there are sheepdogs, and I'm a sheepdog. I live to protect the flock and confront the wolf. If you have no capacity for violence then you are a healthy productive citizen, a sheep. If you have a capacity for violence and no empathy for your fellow citizens, then you have defined an aggressive sociopath, a wolf. But what if you have a capacity for violence, and a deep love for your fellow citizens? What do you have then? A sheepdog, a warrior, someone who is walking the unchartered path. Someone who can walk into the heart of darkness, into the universal human phobia, and walk out unscathed. We know that the sheep live in denial; that is what makes them sheep. They do not want to believe that there is evil in the world. They can accept the fact that fires can happen, which is why they want fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire alarms and fire exits throughout their kids schools. But many of them are outraged at the idea of putting an armed police officer in their kid's school. Our children are thousands of times more likely to be killed or seriously injured by school violence than fire, but the sheep's only response to the possibility of violence is denial. The idea of someone coming to kill or harm their child is just too hard, and so they chose the path of denial. The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf. He has fangs and the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that the sheepdog must not, can not and will not ever harm the sheep. Any sheep dog who intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will be punished and removed. The world cannot work any other way, at least not in a representative democracy or a republic such as ours. Still, the sheepdog disturbs the sheep. He is a constant reminder that there are wolves in the land. They would prefer that he didn't tell them where to go, or give them traffic tickets, or stand at the ready in our airports, in camouflage fatigues, holding an M-16. The sheep would much rather have the sheepdog cash in his fangs, spray paint himself white, and go, Baa. Until the wolf shows up; then the entire flock tries desperately to hide behind one lonely sheepdog. The students, the victims, at Columbine High School were big, tough high school students, and under ordinary circumstances they would not have had the time of day for a police officer. They were not bad kids; they just had nothing to say to a cop. When the school was under attack, however, and SWAT teams were clearing the rooms and hallways, the officers had to physically peel those clinging, sobbing kids off of them. This is how the little lambs feel about their sheepdog when the wolf is at the door. Look at what happened after September 11, 2001, when the wolf pounded hard on the door. Remember how America , more than ever before, felt differently about their law enforcement officers and military personnel? Understand that there is nothing morally superior about being a sheepdog; it is just what you choose to be. Also understand that a sheepdog is a funny critter: He is always sniffing around out on the perimeter, checking the breeze, barking at things that go bump in the night, and yearning for a righteous battle. That is, the young sheepdogs yearn for a righteous > battle. The old sheepdogs are a little older and wiser, but they move to the sound of the guns when needed, right along with the young ones. Here is how the sheep and the sheepdog think differently. The sheep pretend the wolf will never come, but the sheepdog lives for that day. After the attacks on September 11, 2001, most of the sheep, that is, most citizens in America said, Thank God I wasn't on one of those planes. The sheepdogs, the warriors, said, Dear God, I wish I could have been on one of those planes. Maybe I could have made a difference. You want to be able to make a difference. There is nothing morally superior about the sheepdog, the warrior, but he does have one real advantage. Only one. And that is that he is able to survive and thrive in an environment that destroys 98 percent of the population. There was research conducted a few years ago with individuals convicted of violent crimes. These cons were in prison for serious, predatory crimes of violence: assaults, murders and killing law enforcement officers. The vast majority said that they specifically targeted victims by body language: slumped walk, passive behavior and lack of awareness. They chose their victims like big cats do in Africa , when they select one out of the herd that is least able to protect itself. Some people may be destined to be sheep and others might be genetically primed to be wolves or sheepdogs. But I believe that most people can choose which one they want to be, and I'm proud to say that more and more Americans are choosing to become sheepdogs. Seven months after the attack on September 11, 2001, Todd Beamer was honored in his hometown of Cranbury , New Jersey Todd, as you recall, was the man on Flight 93 over Pennsylvania who called on his cell phone to alert an operator from United Airlines about the hijacking. When they learned of the other three passenger planes that had been used as weapons, Todd and the other passengers confronted the terrorist hijackers. In one hour, a transformation occurred among the passengers, athletes, business people and parents from sheep to sheepdogs and together they fought the wolves, ultimately saving an unknown number of lives on the ground. "There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men." Edmund Burke.... " Only the dead have seen the end of war." Plato.... Here is the point I like to emphasize, especially to the thousands of police officers and soldiers I speak to each year. In nature the sheep, real sheep, are born as sheep. Sheepdogs are born that way, and so are wolves. They didn't have a choice. But you are not a critter. As a human being, you can be whatever you want to be. It is a conscious, moral decision. If you want to be a sheep, then you can be a sheep and that is okay, but you must understand the price you pay. When the wolf comes, you and your loved ones are going to die if there is not a sheepdog there to protect you. If you want to be a wolf, you can be one, but the sheepdogs are going to hunt you down and you will never have rest, safety, trust or love. But if you want to be a sheepdog and walk the warrior's path, then you must make a conscious and moral decision every day to dedicate, equip and prepare yourself to thrive in that toxic, corrosive moment when the wolf comes knocking at the door. This business of being a sheep or a sheep dog is not a yes-no dichotomy. It is not an all-or-nothing, either-or choice. It is a matter of degrees, a continuum. On one end is an abject, head-in-the-sand-sheep and on the other end is the ultimate warrior. Few people exist completely on one end or the other. Most of us live somewhere in between. Since 9-11 almost everyone in America took a step up that continuum, away from denial. The sheep took a few steps toward accepting and appreciating their warriors and the warriors started taking their job more seriously. It's OK to be a sheep, but do not kick the sheep dog. Indeed, the sheep dog may just run a little harder, strive to protect a little better and be fully prepared to pay an ultimate price in battle and spirit with the sheep moving from baa to thanks. We do not call for gifts or freedoms beyond our lot. We just need a small pat on the head, a smile and a thank you to fill the emotional tank which is drained protecting the sheep. And when our number is called by The Almighty, and day retreats into night, a small prayer before the heavens just may be in order to say thanks for letting you continue to be a sheep. And be grateful for the thousands, millions of American sheepdogs who permit you the freedom to express even bad ideas.
"Most people go through their entire life wondering if they made a difference, Marines don't have that problem".
President Ronald Reagan 1985

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"An Early taste of Christmas"

We were able to go to the Ethel M Chocolate factory tonight where my beautiful daughter Taylor L was assigned to sing in her schools first of several choir appearances. It was actually about 75 degrees at six P.M. and what a crowd. All the cacti were smeared with thousands of lights, different in color and each beautiful and somehow spiritual in each one's own right. Taylor was her usual candid self. Usually the shy one in our Church choir, she sang out tonight like a spring Canary.
I was able to snap off a few pics, none of which really came out well, and upon figuring out just how to load it on this page you'll be able to sneak a peek... Not being photogenic, I have never done well in photography so I place my weaknesses on my new Sony camera. It seems to do all I need. I just need to get a better grip on this equipment the size of a deck of cards. Such Irony, an ability to master a 30 million state of the art Helicopter, but dazzled by a camera. More studying required.
I have been somewhat unproductive this week. Not able to focus as much as usual. I will feel much better when I'm up at the Utah property with my Brother in Law in the snow leveling, digging, smoothing, burying whatever in early January... That seems to do the trick. Maybe I can even get him to stop in Brian Head for a few snowboard runs and some Pizza?
My wife bought me a really early birthday present today, we watched it tonight, it was the video of Glen Becks appearance in Utah last year. My goodness I think I actually saw someone I knew in the audience. Glen, what a great guy! I'm hoping now that I'm beginning my second book, based on the Mormon religion, that hey, maybe now that he's going to fox I can get a shot on his program???
It's late, everyone is asleep. I remembered to switch the pool valves back to both the hot tub and pool so it will filter properly.... This pool is like having a second job... I used to not mind sweeping it three times a week. Who knew after several years the novelty would wear itself out... I'm going to break down and get a creepy crawly vacuum this next summer. Taylor L is at the age where she is going to want more and more friends over. Spoiled must be fun!!!
I promise to finish the story about the Camel and the Arab in my next post... A sneak peek into the culture and views of the new President of the New America. Certainly not the one I fought for!
God Bless,
A Lane

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A new and different day....

Well another exciting day in Las Vegas, Nevada, a beautiful day almost 80 degrees. The nights are creeping up earlier and earlier. I did a lot of the usual consulting work today. I came up with a rare mental fatigue, not much sleep last night. I try and cut down on the red meat but I love to BBQ next to the pool and hot tub on Sunday nights. Sandi spends most of the day sleeping after working all day at the restaurant on Saturday. It doesn't seem fair but it gives me quality time with my beautiful (near genius) Taylor L. She is working on her forth straight year in Grade School working with a 4.0 GPA... A chip off the old block???? Gets her looks from mom though. I was asked to be the narrator at our Church Christmas program again this year. I thought after two times before someone else would get the calling. I should have expected it when I declined to be in the Choir. At 54 the old near perfect tenor voice is okay doing soft rock or country but Merry Christmas songs just aren't working anymore. So once again I'm off to memorization. I had hoped that that was over after years of my law classes.... Never the less, Taylor L loves to have the fellow members in her class praise her when her dad talks, sings or whatever in Church and of course my lovely (but much better at public speaking) 15 year younger wife enjoys it when I get up and stir up a little controversy with the membership in the ward. Must have something to do with the small patches of gray starting to work its way into the areas behind my ears... Distinguished she calls it... Most of the members know my views that are often not conducive with there ideals. I gave up home teaching after months of taking food and other staple products to each family for their two year supply with no one else in the High Priest Quorum following in suit. Oh and I don't attend Priesthood class or Gospel doctrine anymore either. I find watching paint dry or grass growing a more productive endeavour. Oh yeah, and I quit my calling as the ward and stake Employment specialist. I found out working with adults and members with IQ's lower than their shoe sizes was a bit too challenging. So for now, I go to Sacrament meeting and then home, usually to get the laundry done. (I won't let Sandra touch it if possible.) I'm picky and have large dry cleaning bills.
Taylor L is learning cursive writing now. I'm glad she has a short last name. She is doing well. She takes after me in the Math area. I'm often amazed at how she comes up with her answers.
It reminds me of my Days at BYU in Physic's class before I figured out I'm much better in English hence my Degree in Philosophy... UGH! Right up there with learning Arabic. Give me a keyboard I say: leave the math to the professionals. I struggled in my law classes when we worked on the Logic themes...
Well, the wife is working at the restaurant tonight, so we stopped by and Taylor L had her usual Mini Casadilla and I had my usual two fish tacos... Yummy!!!! ( need to watch my girlish figure)
Now it's Spongebob Squarepants time and I'll fire up the hot tub in a few for when the wife gets home. Seems tonight I was more in the mood for a Journalistic format rather than a Blog?
So for now its a new and different day....

Monday, November 17, 2008

"The Past Several Years"

The Events of this past several years have taken it's toll on "America" I was raised in and the "America" that Died on November 04, 2008. There is no time for "Change" or "Hope". The people living in this country didn't vote in a Presidential election, they voted in a popularity contest. The Loser won! There is no longer any time to hope things go well for the next four years, where the incumbent will win another four years in a popularity contest, it is time for those who sat back and complained about the way "America" has been heading to where they need to get back to the grass roots of what this great country was founded on and start digging in. Where in this entire planet, name any country other than the United States of America could the "Mormon Golden Plates" have been hidden recovered and translated but in this great country, founded by great Christian men... This wasn't an accident. This country was founded specifically for this purpose.I have been saying for years, the so called Immigrants have had no intention of assimilating into the American ways, but rather get here anyway they can, and drag their trash with them and dump it in our back yards. America is in trouble! There is no more hoping that in four years all goes well. They maybe things will change back the way they were when we were younger! The people voted for Change, and unfortunately they are going to "Reap what they Sew" like never imagined before.So I have decided to as they say; "Stir up the turd bowl" a little. If I offend anyone? TS There are those whom are part of the problem and those that are part of the Solution. It's your choice. It's time to stand up, be an example, stand fast, and never back down from those values that have made this country great.The majority of people, legal, illegal, or otherwise have elected a man to the presidency's that has an entirely different "Culture" than most of us raised int he past 40 to 50 years. For those of you who have never heard the story about the "Camel and the Tent" I will enlighten you in my next blog. This is what has been happening for most of my life. I recently stopped at a car dealership on business. I had had a graphic placed on the rear window of my Luxury sedan that indicated a non-racial theme to the effect that America had recently died. An African-American employee confronted me about the graphic and after a brief 10 minute discussion, became frustrated and left unable to win over his "opinion" of what the graphic stood for. I returned today for a follow up business contact and was dismayed to find out that with in 15 minutes of my arrival, I was approached by an employee to inform me that someone had taken a baseball bat to my back window. After checking for myself it was in fact true. Of course the Dealership management had a glass company there withing the hour, offered me a courtesy vehicle which I declined and profusely apologized for several minutes. The Employee was terminated later in the day after being sent home immediately. My back glass was replaced, the vehicle cleaned.And I sat the rest of the day thinking, wow, because I didn't agree with this persons position, refused to capitulate and remove the graphic on the spot. My vehicle was vandalized...Does this mean if I hate the Oakland Raiders and someone refuses to take a decal off the window I have a right to smash it???? It's the culture... My way or the highway, and now the instant entitlement....Wake up you, true citizens of America. What's going to happen if some nut case gets to the new president elect? You'll see a change int his country you won't comprehend. I fought for 11 years in the U.S. Marine Corps for the freedom of speech. Now someone is going to tell me what I can or cannot say? I think not......