Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Sleep over"


         Taylor enjoyed her second Birthday sleepover in the past month.   Our little girl is growing up.  She keeps the "A's" up in school she knows she gets special privileges.  This is the same group we went with on Halloween.  Taylor spent a few hours on the Internet looking up Sleep over tips and put together a binder and gave it to her best friend for the party.  They all had a blast!  This was downloaded from a phone, I hope I get a bunch more.  I'll post them then!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"State of the Union"

               I missed the annual State of the Union speech on TV Tuesday night, I had a pressing issue at home, I needed to beat Sandi in an 18 hole Wii  Resort golf game.  Although I lost (as usual) it was a relaxing effort, running to the dining table to help Taylor with her Math homework in between shots.  From all accounts, polls, opinions and interviews, obummer's speech was equated to a sloppy third trimester abortion.  How stupid are Americans to fall for such a fraud?  It defies logic!  Even after two years of horribly failed policies, people still suffer from "Acute Messiah " disorder....  I have to admit I did see a pop up or two of obummer delivering the speech.  I must honestly say that the greatest part of the entire night, was seeing House Speaker John Boehner sitting behind the idiot that was speaking!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Arm Excercise ?



       I walked by Taylor tonight and noticed that she was playing the Wii again more regularly.  What was odd was she was waiving her arms up and down in a motion reminiscent of a runner.  I looked at the TV and she was playing a mountain biking game on the Wii.  What it looked like was she was doing some kind of arm exercises.  When I tried to talk to her she was oblivious to my presents.  She had her Ipod in and was rocking away with the music.  Too funny!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"D.A.R.E." (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

            Taylor is in the process of finishing her D.A.R.E. Program at school.  This will be her last year in Grade School and will now go on the a real Jr. High School.  We are looking at several Academy's but so far no luck.  Taylor has asked ton's of questions to me about drugs and alcohol and it has been enjoyable to help her out with something I can.  I'm not smarter than a fifth grader when I comes to Math.  So this works better.  It's finally warming up here in the City... I hate the cold and I hate the extreme heat.  I picked a good year to retire.  Now I just have to do it!  This weekend I think I'm going to just hang out and find a nice warm park to go visit and then go to Apple Bee's and eat dinner.  Sandi is off Sunday and Monday.. Wooo Whooo!!!  As soon as I get the pic downloaded with Tay and her new DARE Tee I'll put it on here!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"2010" A Year in Review

           This past year started out a little bit different than most.  I had been feeling tired, both psychically and emotionally over the past year.  I had wondered if I was up for another busy year.  I decided on a new diet program and workout regimen.   As the year progressed all was going well, considering the down turn with the economy, lest me being a bit frugal and basically a tightwad, we all set our goals and got through the bland months of January, and February.  I put aside most of my blogging and other social sights to focus on Taylor's schooling, becoming more involved and Sandi came home from work on January 31st to announce she was taking some time off for about six months.  With family going on deployment this sounded like a good thing to do.  My brother Brad moved in again with us and put together a short lived trucking company.  He stayed with us until August when I guess we had had enough of each other.  Liberals and Conservatives just don't mix some times.  We enjoyed his stay and help.  In June, we thought we were going to lose Mom.  She spent weeks in the Hospital.  We enjoyed visiting you everyday and bringing Krispy Creme donuts.  Your a fighter and your doing well.  Hope you live forever!
 The next few months flew by and although my Brother in Law Steve had not yet returned from Afghanistan on his deployment with the Predators and Reaper's, by June first we were ready to take some time off and travel to Utah to the property and do some fishing.   I had just days before gone in for my annual physical, with all the bells and whistles, blood draws etc., as it was refill time for my prescriptions due to inherited blood pressure issues and a script for my seemingly endless Bronchitis that was going around everywhere in Las Vegas.   Uncharacteristically I had started snoring in my sleep and because my sister had sleep apnea issues it was suggested that I take a sleep test.
I have never snored before in my life and just attributed it to that past four stressful months and not the best of eating habits, a lot of hard work and again the economy.  We met Richard up there with his hunting Dog and spent Memorial Day weekend fishing and looking at properties on Cedar mountain there at Panquitch lake.  It was hot and sticky most of the day and I had been noticing other weird physical anomalies, but just attributed it to the last four months and was just happy to be with family again.  On Sunday night, we all built a huge bonfire next to the barn on the property and decided to marsh the mellows as they say.  It was early about 8:00 p.m. and I found myself falling asleep in my camping chair.  After a long time of being call a wimp and other names I decided to call it a day and went inside to sleep.  The others joined in later... 
We got an early start back as Tuesday was Taylor's last day of school and was the following day.  She was excited to go as it was also awards day.  When she came home from school she had won just about every award she could including the School's second highest award.  We are so proud of her... Taylor had just picked out where we were going to eat and celebrate when my cell phone rang.  On the other end of the phone was my awesome Doctor of 10 years, a wonderful Christian lady who after divorcing her husband opened her own office and I went with her.  She is spiritual and always says a prayer at the end of my appointments.  She cured my four times a year Bronchitis problems in about 18 months years ago.   The only problem was that never in all those years had she personally ever called me on my phone to talk.  She asked how I was and how I felt.  I told her crappy and chronically tired.  I guess God had been wondering lately about my Humility issues and other vices and got together with JOB, an expert on things going bad for you, and decided they needed to give me a nudge.  It was then my Doctor told me she had some good news and some bad news for me.  Of course I asked for the bad news first and she told me I had been diagnosed with a potentially fatal disease and that I had had it for about two years now.  The good news with proper and immediate care it could be cured although it would probably be with me for the  rest of my life.  Although I hadn't planned on winning any life living longevity awards anytime soon, any thoughts of making it to 70 or even 65 suddenly became a reality. ( But for now I'll have three Birthdays every year!  November 10th, the Marine Corps Birthday, December 8th, the day the Doctors told me I was all brand new, and of course my regular Birthday a week later.)
The next few months everything in my life changed. It was Ladies vacation at the Condo in Vail, Co. this year.  The doctors wouldn't let me go this time...  Every priority I had changed and things I usually worried or dreaded about were not even an after thought.  After two months of treatments I remembered laying in bed on night thinking back on Marine Corps Survival training and how I had hoped I would never ever have to endure anything like that again in my life.  Apparently, God and JOB hadn't forgotten my words.  It's been six months now, six months of having lifesaving poison dumped into my body and enduring pain, and feelings I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies.  (well maybe one or two)...
Until now I have kept it private letting only those close to me know.  One blessing is that my older sister who I have been estranged with for years and I have become close again, (except she is a dang lib and I'm a conservative.)  We don't talk Church or politics anymore except for the occasional cheap shot when we feel the need. 
My family and I have put our priorities in a better direction now.  Each day is precious to us.  We ended up with the most "Simple" but wonderful holidays this past few months.  I enjoyed walking all over the countryside on Halloween dressed as "Hell Boy"...  All the little kids would wait for me to go to the  doors first if they were afraid, kind of their "protector" as it were.  The same at Taylor's school Halloween night.   It was fun but it took it's toll on me.  Thanksgiving and Christmas were simple but very close family wise...
A difficult year, but one with more meaning in my life than any other.  God has a plan for me and I spend most of my time trying to figure it out.  As of this writing it's coming together.  I've started a grassroots business in Survival and Food storage.  I'm working on incorporating my doTerra membership into my company as well.  Looks like I'll be doing a lot of traveling to Salt Lake City and Provo, Utah this year...
I would like to take the rest of this writing to thank so many loved ones and friends who have stood by me during this very difficult and trying time in my life.  Although I look better than I have in years, I often don't feel it.  It has been your love and strength, prayers and support that has helped me get through all this so far.
Good things are coming.
   Thanks to my beautiful family, Sandi & Taylor, Carol, Richard and Lori, Steve and Lauren, My BIG sis, Linda, Brad, all my Marine buddies, (Semper FI)  that know, Gunny Mcfadden (Bob)  Lori T (your the best), Mark, Dave, Thanks so much, Matt & Carrie,  Bishop Matt Cox, (your truly my brother, thanks for putting up with me) Brad Wild my friend who's information has meant all the difference with what I've gone through, for the Blessings, Gale my doTerra buddy,  the love and to all of you who I have missed and forgot to put your name in here and for those of you in my past who continue to influence my life.  (Mom, I'm sorry I can't tell you about this but you have been through enough this year without this and have already lost one child, no worries)
  May God Bless all of you!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

MADB sequel

It's no doubt by now that the proprietor at MADB is aware that his games, and bias attitude doesn't work here in the real world. I have already predicted changes in the MADB format. This is what is refered as a "shot across the bow!" Always remember who your messing with in this life! I'll give it a few more months and around the end of Summer I'll give him a little reminder! Perhaps, Nemesis enjoys having to get new servers several times a year. But wait! I will have about four different agencys investigating the equipment Allen is using at MADB. This should prove to be interesting! If you follow my blog, check in the MADB around the first of August 2011. We will mix it up again for the forum perhaps shut it down for a week! If that doesn't work then we can get much harsher! Then perhaps we will see a hightened level of ethics, standards and Morals when it pertains to the MADB.



Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas "2010"

At Mom's house, family Pic

Taylor's presents...

Mom's a big Cardinal fan now that her Nephew is the QB... Max Hall

Mom with her sister Shirley and Niece Tracy

Taylor and Grandma

Taylor's gift from Dad....

               We enjoyed a quiet Christmas this year.  We had a lot to be thankful for.  We had two huge dinners, one at mom's and the other at Uncle Steve's and Aunt Lauren's.  Most of my Christmas was for the Hunting trip, Sandi got a Kindle, and other cool things, Taylor a good mixture of gifts, a DSi, and mostly clothes.  We enjoy her being well dressed at school, especially with all her different activities.  Merry Christmas!